Monday, October 1, 2012

Foodie Pen Pales!

This is my first month of Foodie Pen Pales and I love it!!! The program was started by a lady in Ohio under the blog name of The Lean Greenbean. I gave Melissa the guide lines that I like health foods and was training for a 1/2 marathon.  Here is what was in the box Melissa sent me:
The food in my box included a bunch of things i have not tried yet, like the miso soup (which I am saving for a rainy day when I am in a hurry. The vega one chocolate protein shake which is instructed to drink after a long run. The berry antioxidant nut butter, nut butter and jelly in one who could ask for more!!! 2 kinds of emergency one of which is for joint health which for runners is good, the other is good for re hydration. A zone bar I am excited to try, and the sea salt dark chocolate!

Things I have eaten and enjoyed greatly: Juice plus fruits and veggies gummies which are said to be better than runners gel I will have to save a couple for a long run day! Lastly in the photo is Melissa's homemade trail mix which I have been eating as a snack and before runs. It has chocolate, nuts, and fruit I am very grateful she sent the recipe with the baggie!

There are however a few things missing in this picture because they were so delicious I ate them already! 3 Challah rolls one of my favorite breads, one was plain, one had raisins, and one had chocolate chips I loved them! The last thing in the box was a vita cocoa fruit punch water which I have found I like much better than sports drinks for hydrating after all my runs.

So thank you Melissa I am very grateful for this box of goodies!!!!


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