Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When life takes over

 Sorry it has been a few days since I have been here things got crazy with a trip home. Though the trip home was awesome and well needed it did not boast well for my 1/2 marathon training. I kind of cheated on my marathon with spending time with my boyfriend. So yesterday was my first day back on the pavement after taking a few days off not sleeping preparing for a party(we might talk about that later)

This run was my body making me pay for the time I took off without any cardio work outs or healthy foods. Mile 1 11:46, mile 2 11:50, mile 3 12:10, with an average of 12:15.

The other thing I did on this run I chose a new route. It was so dark this morning that I didn't think it was safe to run the river trail by myself. So what I did instead was head down the busiest street in town. There is a sidewalk all the way down which is really nice, but there are also street lights! This is exciting around here it might be the only street with street lights. The one down side to this route is that it has to cross the entrance to the highway meaning there is no music allowed to keep myself good and safe. It also means I have to pay extra special attention to what is going on around me at all times, and as I found yesterday, it makes it harder to find a groove.

 Ok so back to this party! This past weekend my boyfriend and his friends threw a huge Halloween party they call canoween. This party includes about 1,200 beers, 25 deep fried turkeys, and more bags of chips and salsa then I care to count. There is a $10 cover and an awesome dj with awesome lighting! (Ok I am a little bias it's my other half and our company) We partied till 4:30 and had a blast!!! I being the designated driver took us home at 4:30am and put my other half to bed to sleep till noon the next day.



  1. That is definitely a part and a half! :O haha Niceee.

    glad you made the decision to run a busier route. For some reason, even if it's daylight out, I still get uncomfortable running trails!

    1. The trails are just so weird sometimes. There are a few in Athens but I stick to the one that runs the campus and is usually busy except at 6:00am