Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Awesome Motivation

I have been looking for motivation the last few weeks to get me going for the summer. I am not really in the process of training for anything but want to up my distance and my physical ability. Now though I did not watch lost while it was on tv I did watch all of the seasons twice on netflix! I love this show!!! I think it is incredibly well written and an amazing mind game(which is you ask me is what running is) Everything below this blurb is take straight from his sight. Registration for the 4K just reopened so get in while you can to get these awesome medals! 

Joe Rainone started a virtual race called Get Lost in Running. There will be 6 virtual races in this series, using the numbers Lost was so famous for as the distances. Each virtual race is $20, which the series proceeds will be donated to benefit the National Tourette Syndrome Association and TEAM TSA.

Virtual Trail / Beach Run Series Station
1 - Hydra 4k Station
2 - Arrow 8k Station
3 - Swan 15k Station
4 - Flame 16k Station
5 - Pearl 23k Station
6 - Orchid 42k

For each race station you sign up for, you will receive a Lost inspired medal.
You are encouraged to participate in running these virtual races either on a trail or the beach (if you can't get to either of these, the roads or a treadmill works just as well). Registration for each station will remain open until all spots sell out. Please check the site often to see updates as to when registration for the next station will open. For those who participate in every station of the series will receive a special series medal which will be shown at a later date. There is no specific date to do the runs, but a good guide is to complete within a month. As the distances get bigger, they can be split in any way you would like and then combined.​​

How cool is this!Virtual races are good for runners like myself who can't afford to travel to races as often as I would like. The goal for this is to collect all the medals!!! The fact that I dont have to run a full 26 miles at one time is also helpful for me. It will allow me to set a goal for the month and reach it while still doing all the things I mentioned above. I'm in love with this series so you will be hearing more about it.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Time to get it together

For the last almost 2 months I have been a disaster. Not eating right, sleeping not at all, asking my body to do way more than it should for the way I have been treating it, and being an emotional disaster area. Well I have come to tell you it is time to get my act together! I'm not perfect no one is and we all handle things differently. I needed these 2 months to help me figure out what I needed to do to put my life back together in a constructive way.
So here is the deal
A: I have to jump back on the healthy eating bandwagon which means I have to get my dad on the wagon too. Since I am living at home this summer it's eat what the family eats so...that means I get to change what they eat.
B: Finish my 2 thesis by next May no questions asked. And complete them to the best 110% of my artistic ability.
C: Graduate with my Master of Fine Arts degree from Ohio University on May 2, 2014.
D: Put together a magnificent training plan to get my body, mind, and soul set and ready to run my first half marathon. I chose a race and I have my eye set on the 2013 Wine and Dine half marathon at Walt Disney World. However I just found out that it is sold out!!!! I am crushed!
E: Find a new race in a hurry!!!!

There you have it my life for the next 12 months. As soon as I pick a new race I'll let you know.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bark in the Park St. Louis

This weekend I finished race #10 of my 13 in 13 challenge! I ran the Bark in the Park 5k with my dad, sister, and my sisters 2 puppies. This was my dads first 5k!
We had so much fun! We finished in: 
Which with the puppies being out of shape and not use to working that hard is pretty darn good! It was about 80 degrees yesterday morning and for your first 5k as a human or a puppy is really really warm! We had a great time and ran/walked a good race, the one thing I would say is that there were not enough human water stations. There were plenty of water stops for the animals along the way but there was only one for the humans. There also was no water for humans at the finish line. I normally carry my water bottle but I didn't have enough hands with having a puppy on one arm.
We also wore our new shirts!

The festivities before and after the race were great! We didn't get a chance to enjoy them much but there were a ton of vendors selling things for animals and humans. All in all it was a good race!

Let me know if you raced this weekend! I love hearing about everyone elses races!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So things in this life haven't been so great the last couple of weeks. Between changing/putting my life back together, finals, and coming home it has been a long road. But with that aside I have done some pretty great stuff, hung out with the family, donated blood, and took a yoga class.
Yesterday was suppose to be a 4 mile day, however on Monday I donated a pint of blood which meant that 4 miles was a loft goal. I didn't realize that donating a pint of blood the day before a run was going to cause me to only make it .5 miles running before my body considered hitting the pavement in a heap. So I walked 1.5 miles to get home and totaled out at 2 miles.

This morning I decided to try something new. Since it is going to be a pretty trying and hard day on my patience and emotions I decided to go to yoga. My church here at home offers 3 yoga classes on Wednesday for $10. I decided to go to the 9:00 am class so that I had plenty of time to get everything else finished before my 7:00pm appoint. Yes I know there is like 10 hours between there but trust me I need the mental prep time. Yoga is fun! I had never take a class before but coming from a dance background made it a lot easier. I knew already the correct ways to hold my foot or how far to stretch before it is to far. And the woman who taught the class was so nice! She is the wife of the head pastor of the church. She gave me direct instruction and compliments since I had never done it before. She also helped me lay out all my blocks and blankets for what she was going to teach that day. Lastly because it was so nice out today we practiced outside instead of in the sanctuary! Listening to the birds chirp and the wind blow lightly while you stretch and work on stability is nice.

I hope everyone is having a good week! Talk to you all again soon. Tomorrow is a run day as long as the storms hold off.