Thursday, February 21, 2013

The weird weather.

You know those days you wake up check the weather it says it is 35 degrees outside. So you get dressed in your semi cold running gear and head out the door. When you first step outside it is a little chilly but you know you will warm up nicely as you hit the 1/2 mile point. But when you turn the corner the wind cuts through like a knife and you realize you didn't take the wind into account. However you push on till you hit a little past the warm up point and you are shivering so bad your not sure you are running any more. So you turn around and go home.

Yep you guessed it that was me this morning. I was so cold when I got home I wasn't even sweating which is not normal for me. I sweat buckets while I'm running any distance. Tomorrow I will try again and hope the wind is not as harsh and wear more clothes. i can always take them off as I run but I can not put them on if I don't have them with me.

Below is my race schedule for the month of March! I am super excited about all of these. They most likely wont be PR's because I will be running alone but they give me something to work towards for the month. 

Friday March 1-Mommyrunfast 5K or 5 miler (we will see how I feel and what time I have to be at 

Saturday March 9- NWM 10K hopefully I can convince my Iron Man in training to do this with me.

Thursday March 14- ThePurpleGiraffe Race To Remember 5k

Thursday March 21- Fitness, Health, and happiness St. Patrick's Day 5 Miler

Everyone have a great Thursday! Are you racing this month?


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

I want to apologize to you for letting this blog become a place to whine about all the things that aren't going right in the last few weeks and runs. Lets be honest running has not been my top priority in the last 2 months and really whose would be while your living in London and traveling to Dublin, Munich, and Paris. I also want to apologize for falling so behind on posting pictures from my journey. I have done so much cool stuff in the last few weeks! I went to Chinese New Year and it rain all day! I was soaking wet when I got home but I had a great time seeing all the pretty dragons and colors. I also went on a tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theater which is really a replica of the original that was opened in 1997 but was built with the same materials as it was the first time. Also I went and saw the inside of the parliament building which you can not take pictures of however I learned a ton! Lastly I have been making devising work for the last 2 weeks with 9 design students and 4-5 dance students. So please except my apologies and enjoy the photos below of all the things I have been doing.

P.S. I leave London on March 4 so we will return to regularly scheduled workouts and runs on March 5. I will have a training sequence for all 4 races this month asap.

Globe Photos and devising photos to come problems

Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh you know...

You know those runs when with every step you take you know why every ounce of your body feels heavy and you are panting for breathe?

Yep had one of those yesterday...aka I ate way to much cake, fish and chips, and beer on Saturday with very little sleep to get up and run on a lovely Sunday morning. I chose to keep it short in distance but long in time. I ran 2 miles with a 5-7 minute stretch break in the middle for a total of 35:46. I then followed if up with brunch with friends...aka a full English breakfast. Yep that's right I worked that hard and then had a full English breakfast.

Here's the thing I have learned/excepted since being in London. I will only do this once so I should try all the things. Now that does not mean that the hoarding of sugar and late night eating I have been doing in my room at night counts. It means that if there is something yummy on a menu I have never tried I will try it, if there is a new dessert or pastry I have never tried to try it. I try to split things with the other girl who came with me when it comes to sweets and pastries but we aren't always together.

Now back to this hoarding thing. When I first moved out of my house I hoarded sugar and ate it late at night all alone when everyone else was asleep. When I started running I kicked the habit and had to trick myself into saying I didn't need it and it wasn't necessary to be happy. I lived this way for almost a year. Keeping things like cakes, cookies, and candy out of the house so that if I wanted them I had to go out and get them. Which for me is not nearly as appealing as walking over to the cabinet. However since I have been here I have slowly been falling back into this habit of having sugar in the house and last night I realized I had 2 tubes of cake rolls, and 2 bags of percy pig gummy candy in my bedroom. This means that I am eating them all the time, I have no regard as to what I am putting in my mouth after about 5:00pm. I am hoping that by admitting my problem here I can start to work out the reasons why I have been doing this again.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I went on the Globe Theater Tour!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

4 Miles!

Learned something yesterday, but lets start with I lost my pedometer which makes me very very sad for 2 reasons. 1) It helped me to know how active I had been on any given day during any given hour which meant I could target parts of my day that needed more activity. 2) because it cost me money I didn't really have to spend. I splurged on something I felt I needed to help in my running and activity level. Alas now it is gone. I believe it came out of my pocket on Chinese New Year while it was raining and I scrambled through my pockets to find my lens cap and get my camera put away so it wasn't ruined. That aside loosing said little black pedometer meant I had to map out my run on google yesterday. I learned something! The run I have been doing for the last few weeks to the the Waterloo Bridge from my house is in reality 3.6 miles not 3.1 meaning i have not been running nearly as slow as I thought!!!!

So yesterday I ran 4 miles in 45:46 which breaks down to 11:36 mile! Hello that s way better than the 15:00 minute miles I thought I was pulling at the end of last week! (Yep lots of !!!! will show up in this post) So today I ran from my front door to the Waterloo Bridge and back, but then I added down to the grocery store and back which totaled out to 4 miles. I haven't run 4 miles since the first week I was in London! The run itself was nice I found a pretty nice pace that allowed me to take my mind off of the fact that I was running and just enjoy it. Also the first time that has happened in a long time. my legs today are a little sore around the knee and thigh area but no more than usual.

All of this means I will be registering for a virtual 10k through NWM 26.2 Washington DC. If you are interested you can read about the race here That means between March 1- March 22 I will run 4 virtual races. The March 5 by 5 5K or 5miler from Laura at before March 5, The Virtual St. Patricks Day 5K or 5miler from Jill Conyer at between March 15-22, The Race to Remember 5k or 10k (undecided still) from Janine at between March 1-15, and the NWM 10K between March 9-10. Holy Goo that's alot of running in the next few weeks! I'll break it down better for you when I break it down better for me...aka when I plan on running all these races! 13 in 13 is going great for me in the virtual race world. 



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's the small things

Things I did wrong before my run this morning:
     A) Went to bed to late
     B) Ate ice cream prior to going to bed
     C) Forgot to eat my banana before my run
     D) Forgot my water bottle on said run
     E) Forgot my tissues for my run which mean my gloves turned into tissues

BUT...even with all of that going wrong I still managed to pull out a 5k run in 41:17 which is a whole 1:08 faster than Sunday's run!!!! Don't ask me how because I have no idea but it happened. My average mile time was 13:28 slower than before but way better than the 14:02 average mile time for last week. This run also fulfills yet another virtual race 5k. This month I had to complete 2 virtual races distance of my choosing and well I guess I chose the 5k.

About the run itself. It was not mu strongest run but it felt better than Sunday's run. My legs right now just feel heavy every run so I am getting use to it. I believe some of that is walking to much and then trying to run on them before they recover and not consuming enough water/hydrating liquids. But all in all I am happy with what I accomplished this morning and if you subtract 2min from the final time for traffic lights (which I wont do) it is a better time though traffic lights are part of the game I guess.

I believe my goal for the rest of my time in London is to keep at the 5k distance and work on getting faster again. Reconditioning my body to take in oxygen the way it is suppose to, teach myself how to breather through the miles, and to get my body back into running shape. I also will be and have been doing this:
I found this on Amy's page at the end of January while I was catching up on reading blogs. Well it was to late to fit it all in in January so I started it on February 1. That means that the days of the week are wrong so I follow the dates. I have accomplished the first week and feel great. I have however been doing "girl" push-ups which I think I will stick with for this month and try the whole thing again next month in "real" push-up form. I have decided to do the push-ups this way to get some strength back before I throw all of my body weight at my poor arms.

Lastly Kyle training for ironman means that I have to get my act together and start training. Because lets be honest he can not look better in a swim suit on the beach than I do! Project Miami here we come!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Not about me

This post has nothing to do with me...yes i am still exploring London and seeing new things but none of that is important right now.
I have super exciting news...
My other half has officially registered to participate in the ironman competition! Yep you heard me right! The IRONMAN competition!!!! Holy cow that is big news in 265 he will be running, swimming, and cycling his way through Miami Florida! I am so excited and proud of him I could burst!
We had talked about it a couple of times but hand just kept saying we didn't have the money. Well today he decided he needed something to do, train for, to have a goal, and the iron man competition is something he has wanted to do for a long time. So he is doing it!!!! I can not wait to be in Miami as the cheering section! Giant signs and lots of screaming will be a part of this cheering section I promise you that.

I have to keep it a secret for a little while so naturally I am telling you guys. Your guys are just like telling the family except you don't gossip to the rest of the family or our super close friends. I like telling you guys these things because it is something I know you guys can be part of the cheering section with me during the training process. I will keep you posted on as much as I know about the training process. Thank you for listening!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Virtual 5k

Today I ran a 5k! Yep that's right a 5k is now Saturday long day happens. I ran said 5k in 42:24 slow and steady wins/finishes the race is the name of the game right now. My body is by no means in top notch performance quality shape. But hey not giving up even when you get slower is part of the game of running. My run felt good I stopped at 1.5 miles to stretch out some sore calves, and then kept on going. 3.1 miles happened to be right in front of the London Bridge tube station (or I planned it that way) so I hopped on the train and went home!

So you may be asking why the sudden jump in miles, or you may not, but i am going to tell you any ways. At the end of 2012 I committed myself to 2 challenges for 2013. One is the 5by5 virtual challenge by Laura over at The series is 6 virtual races that can either be 5k or 5miler by the 5th of every month until June. Each month there is a race bib that you can print and wear if you would like and there are prizes. In January I ran a 5 miler in almost the same amount of time I ran a 5 k this month, but that is neither here nor there. The second thing I committed myself to was 13 races in 2013 by Jill over at Basically the goal is simple you run 13 races of any kind in 2013. Now some people were braver than I and committed to a distance, I chose to leave mine opened ended and registered for the varied category.
 The cool thing about both commitments is that they can be all virtual races which means I save money and can run them any where. Each person has 6 virtual races planned for there event which means I only have to find one more race to run before the end of the year (preferably with a medal)

Other running thing. I will not be running the 10 miler in France, that might be the saddest thing I have said all day. Also I do not believe I will be running the Athens half marathon in April due to my work/school schedule will not allow for proper training and race day recovery. However with those things being said I will hopefully be running the Rock N Roll half marathon in St. Louis in October, the Hot Chocolate 15k in Columbus in November and entering the raffle to run the 2014 Nike Womens Half in November. I know it isn't much of a race schedule but for as much travel and 20 hr work days I do right now as a student it is kind of the best I have. I am also looking at running the color run with a friend who has decided she wants to start running and she came to me for help! Me! It is crazy to think less than a year ago I knew nothing about running and now i will be helping one of my best friends in Ohio get to her first 5k!

Ok this has been a long post and i thank you for staying with me. I am off to Brixton market today after I wash the running smell off of me! Have a great Saturday everyone!