Thursday, February 14, 2013

4 Miles!

Learned something yesterday, but lets start with I lost my pedometer which makes me very very sad for 2 reasons. 1) It helped me to know how active I had been on any given day during any given hour which meant I could target parts of my day that needed more activity. 2) because it cost me money I didn't really have to spend. I splurged on something I felt I needed to help in my running and activity level. Alas now it is gone. I believe it came out of my pocket on Chinese New Year while it was raining and I scrambled through my pockets to find my lens cap and get my camera put away so it wasn't ruined. That aside loosing said little black pedometer meant I had to map out my run on google yesterday. I learned something! The run I have been doing for the last few weeks to the the Waterloo Bridge from my house is in reality 3.6 miles not 3.1 meaning i have not been running nearly as slow as I thought!!!!

So yesterday I ran 4 miles in 45:46 which breaks down to 11:36 mile! Hello that s way better than the 15:00 minute miles I thought I was pulling at the end of last week! (Yep lots of !!!! will show up in this post) So today I ran from my front door to the Waterloo Bridge and back, but then I added down to the grocery store and back which totaled out to 4 miles. I haven't run 4 miles since the first week I was in London! The run itself was nice I found a pretty nice pace that allowed me to take my mind off of the fact that I was running and just enjoy it. Also the first time that has happened in a long time. my legs today are a little sore around the knee and thigh area but no more than usual.

All of this means I will be registering for a virtual 10k through NWM 26.2 Washington DC. If you are interested you can read about the race here That means between March 1- March 22 I will run 4 virtual races. The March 5 by 5 5K or 5miler from Laura at before March 5, The Virtual St. Patricks Day 5K or 5miler from Jill Conyer at between March 15-22, The Race to Remember 5k or 10k (undecided still) from Janine at between March 1-15, and the NWM 10K between March 9-10. Holy Goo that's alot of running in the next few weeks! I'll break it down better for you when I break it down better for me...aka when I plan on running all these races! 13 in 13 is going great for me in the virtual race world. 




  1. Awesome that you ran 4 miles and enjoyed it! I hope the soreness in your knee goes away quickly.

  2. love the virtual races! greaaat stuff with the 4 miles :D