Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

I want to apologize to you for letting this blog become a place to whine about all the things that aren't going right in the last few weeks and runs. Lets be honest running has not been my top priority in the last 2 months and really whose would be while your living in London and traveling to Dublin, Munich, and Paris. I also want to apologize for falling so behind on posting pictures from my journey. I have done so much cool stuff in the last few weeks! I went to Chinese New Year and it rain all day! I was soaking wet when I got home but I had a great time seeing all the pretty dragons and colors. I also went on a tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theater which is really a replica of the original that was opened in 1997 but was built with the same materials as it was the first time. Also I went and saw the inside of the parliament building which you can not take pictures of however I learned a ton! Lastly I have been making devising work for the last 2 weeks with 9 design students and 4-5 dance students. So please except my apologies and enjoy the photos below of all the things I have been doing.

P.S. I leave London on March 4 so we will return to regularly scheduled workouts and runs on March 5. I will have a training sequence for all 4 races this month asap.

Globe Photos and devising photos to come tomorrow...camera problems


  1. NO apologizing lady!!! You are in a different country - live it up and don't worry about blogging for a while even - I'll be here!

    Great pics - Chinese New Year looks fun!

    1. Thanks! Your guys support is amazing!