Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Goals

I have been putting off writing this post for the last 7 days...and here is why it is yet again another new year which means another set of new goals...and lets be honest most people don't stick to there New Years Resolution. But I shall write them any ways and ask that you guys help to keep me on track.

1) Run my first half marathon
2) Loose the extra weight...close to 20-25lbs.
3) Graduate with my MFA
4) Write more meaningful posts
5) Finish 14 in 2014
6) Learn more about plant based eating and what works for my body to feel/work it's best

As of today I weigh 161lbs and by this time next year I would like to weigh 135-140lbs. Also as of today I am on regular 2 mile runs and as you can see I would like to run a half this year...I need to find one that I like/will be around to do and register because then I will do the correct training to make this goal possible.
This year I finished 13 in 2013 and loved every second of it and this year I am registered for 14 in 2014...I will be doing mostly virtual races due to the fact I move around so much right now it is hard to know if I will be around the time of a race happening.

I hope every one had a lovely holiday season and hit the ground running!