Friday, November 30, 2012


 This is my favorite day of the month except for the day I get to open my foodie pen pal box! This month my pen pal was Anna and she was amazing! I received my box upon my return from Thanksgiving was like Christmas!

She very much hit this one out of the park! I found so many great things in this box that were local to her home in New York. First: these are a great thing for me! I eat them after a medium run...aka 5-6 miles.

The other thing that I am super excited about it this:

I know the picture is upside down I'm having technical difficulties today please excuse me. I will be trying both of these things Saturday morning with some fresh blueberries! I love pancakes!!!!
Next out of the box was: 

I don't really eat mustard but I love garlic so I am more than happy to give it a try! Plus Kyle likes mustard so this will disappear quickly in my house.
Delicious coming out of the box as hot sauce and recipe cards on several different things to make with it! I love spicy!!!!
My favorite part of this box is the hand written notes and candy that come from New York! The notes where written on postcards! How cool is that!
Sorry for the sideways pictures! But I am in love with this  box! Thank you thank you thank you!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cold Weather

Since my race I have not really laced up my running shoes for more than a mile here or there. Not having something to train for seems to be taking a toll on me. There is no goal to work towards, however I really like the results physically I have been getting from training. The other thing that seems to be keeping me inside is the 20degree weather. When you wake up and it is 20 or colder outside and still dark...motivation sucker!!!

However this by no means I have been inactive. Last week I worked out 2 days one killer arm/upper body workout my boyfriend taught me (I was so sore but don't tell him I played the in shape tough guy) and a really great core workout. Monday this week I jumped on the treadmill and did that killer ab workout again. Last night I did the 16min earn your feast workout...let me tell you it was butt kicking!!! Give it a try and let me know what you think, I only made it through 3 sets and had to switch to core bc I was so out of breathe. is killer at making workouts!

So you may ask yourself what is keeping you motivated during this cold season to keep moving at all and not just curl up under a blanket and fall off the rid? Elf 4 Health!!! This is a program that Lindsey over at and her sidekick created to keep people form falling into old terrible habits for the holiday season. Every day there is a new challenge. Yesterday try a new workout...hince the workout, today is 15 mins of mediation and reflection. I am finding it helpful that there are 600 other people across the world who are fighting the same fight I am. The other thing that is keeping me going is my little sister. She started a new blog about trying to get healthy and be a better person for herself...I mean if she can do it so can I right...aka sibling rivalry or love however you look at it. Follow her and cheer her or give her advice if you have any. She is a little more structured right now than my blog is which is weird because we are the opposite in real life.

So the plan for next week is as follows:
Monday: 1 Mile run warm up...speed, arm and core weight workout, stretch
Tuesday: 5k Run virtual race for, core and stretching
Wednesday: Earn your feast workout...keeping this one for a few weeks to get better at inchworms, stretching
Thursday: 10k Run for virtual race...I entered both 5k and 10k because training was suppose to have me there any ways.
Friday: Core workout, stretch
Saturday: 9 Miles...we will see how this goes. 
Sunday: Rest  

I also want to make sure I keep up with my food journal it helps keep me accountable. Here goes!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh last week

So yesterday I jumped on the treadmill to do an easy 5 mile run...that didn't work out so well. Some where around mile .75 I was so dizzy I couldn't stand up. I took a seat on the end of my treadmill and down some water thinking that I was just a little dehydrated. After a few big gulps I got back up and started running again, I made it .25 miles and had to walk which I only made it .5 miles. I jumped off the treadmill and did a killer core workout which took about 20 mins (man I feel it today) and finished off my workout with 7 mins on the bike.

My body took a beating this past week with all the food not normally consumed and the lack of regular exercise. That means that this week and next are going to be used to reregulate my eating habits (sugar and butter intake), exercise schedule , and sleep time. Does any one else feel this way after the holiday?

Plan for Today:  (I'll update for week after a grocery store trip)

Tuesday: Luna Bar (Out of breakfast food)
                Potato soup and 1/2 sandwich
                Veggie Chili (Was frozen in the freezer from when I made it before) with Pad thai noodles
                Day off-Grocery shopping!

I hope everyone has a great day! And if your an elf don't forget to write your letter!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lost in Thanksgiving

It has been a few days since I have been here to chat with you guys. Sorry about that the holidays are like a marathon for Kyle and I. The day of Thanksgiving we attend 3 dinner (more food than any human should ever eat) followed by of course Black Friday sleeping and visiting, and Saturday after thanksgiving dinner with my mom. Ok so here is the break down: Thursday Kyle slept in while I got up and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade as well as the St. Louis Thanksgiving Day parade on tv...flipping channels is hard work I ate a lot of blackberries. Upon waking we had a yummy potato, sausage, and over easy egg was noon. Follow by getting ready yep that's right we were the cute, trendy couple who lives in a down town highrise apartment. Then the food began, however I had a plan! Dinner at house number 1, a few fruit items at house number 2, and dessert at house number 3. You know what it worked!!! I did not over eat on thanksgiving which is unheard of for me. Normally I am so full I can't even move and have eaten my body weight in pie and cake. Not this year I made a plan and I stuck to it.  I did eat a bunch of things I would never eat on a regular day, however besides spending time with family that is what thanksgiving is for.

Friday was the best day ever! We went for a short 1.25mile, it was cold and we both have colds so we didn't want to push it to hard, but we did lace up and head out. It felt great and terrible all at the same time. it was my first run since race day and my body physically felt great. My stomach and lungs on the other hand didn't fair so well. I had eaten so much weird food the day before that I had a stomach ache the whole time, and as we kept going the cold weather caused breathing to become more difficult. So we called it quits at 1.25 miles and headed to Panera to pick up some bread for the afternoon. This afternoon I got to meet my niece for the first time! She is so cute...I failed at picture taking because I was to busy hold this cute little baby. She is actually Kyle's niece, but I call her mine too because let's be honest she will be some day!

Now today is Saturday were suppose to get up at 9:00 go do a killer arm workout, make a cookie dough dip, and head off to see my mom for more food. (the flaw in my plan is a second day of food and pie)  However seeing as it is almost 10:00 and Kyle is still sleeping (which he needed to do because he hasn't been feeling well) it sounds like it will be breakfast, dip making, and off to see my mom instead. Which is ok because it allowed me to catchup on reading blog posts from you guys and catch you guys up on where I am.

If you celebrate thanksgiving how did it go? If not how was your weekend? Catch me up!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hot Chocolate 15K Recap!

However I collected my standings quickly when someone handed me a really great jacket that I was asked to try on because they were running small. I had measured and ordered a medium however when I put it on I couldn't close it around my hips. So I exchanged it for a large and was on my way.

 Following packet and jacket pickup we checked into the hotel and spent the night just kind of hanging out. We had dinner at the Tip Top Kitchen in down town Columbus and it was delicious! Sadly I only ate half of my dinner (that I forgot to take pictures  of) because my stomach was so nervous I couldn't even stand it. Sleeping also wasn't really an option. I don't know if it was my dad snoring or the fact that I was so nervous and so excited about the race. But when the alarm went off at 6:00am I was up and ready to go! I ate my apple and almond butter breakfast hopped in the shower and dressed quickly. 

 My dad then dressed and was ready to go wearing sweat pants (for my dad this is weird! ) He then told me that he would run the first two miles with me and maybe the last mile...not really allowed but man was I glad he was there. So before we get to running time there are more pictures. Having my dad there means that there are pictures of things I would have never been able to take pictures of. So the next few pictures are of the startline and traffic of people trying to get to there race! (So glad I got a hotel room)

Ok so race time! I was standing in corral J by myself...ok really I was with 100 other people I didn't know. I was so nervous I starting talking to 3 older women who where getting ready to power walk this race in 2 hrs...I planned on running it in 2 hrs. The clock started and we were off I started my runkeeper and ipod and off I went. (As did everyone else) At some point in the first few minutes my dad snapped a picture of everyone starting and then jumped in to start running with me. I was greatful to have someone to talk to through the first 2 miles because the first 1.5 miles was a slow uphill incline. Also I found that the running tights I had bought the night before were not working out for me. I could not get them to stay up which was causing me to change my stride to compensate which in turn was causing a burning pain in my left calf. These tights had to go! So at mile 2 I ducked behind a building and took them off...aka i took off my running shoes, shorts, and tights, and put back on my shorts and running shoes and hit the pavement with the rest of the runner again. Shortly following the tight take off my dad bailed out and took the tights with him. Was my dad left I put in both headphones and started running. It felt great and I felt great! I wizzed through the first water stop (I carried my water bottle from my hydration belt during the race)  Next thing I knew I was looking at the 5k sign with no pain, no problems, and ready to keep going. The next 3 miles where not flawless but they felt good.

Some where between miles 4 and 5 I took a short walk break to get my bearings back after the water station and to recenter my energy into running and not all the crazy things that go through your brain while you are running. Mile 3-4.5 took place on the OSU campus which is seems like a really nice place to live. Mile 5 and 6 where great they wrapped through the residential distracted of Columbus which is full of some really great old houses. There was a ton to look at and really great spectators sitting on there decks having there morning coffee cheering us on! Mile 7 I hit a wall and had to take another walk break. My brain was toast! It wanted so bad to finish strong but at the same time was revolting. I convinced myself that after this race I would be really proud of what I accomplished and I promised to eat cake(not the best tactic but it worked)

I will say seeing the 8 mile mark was a great feeling! I knew I only had 1.3 miles to go and at that point my dad jumped back in with me after taking a picture of me turning the corner. We started running and chatting and found that the 9 mile marker came up pretty quick. The volunteers where screaming only .3 mile to go your doing great! Then you turned to corner and found that the last .3 miles was straight up hill! (Who does that it's so cruel!!!!) I had to pause for a minute and collect my energy to get up that hill! It was slow going but I made it to the top and could see the finish line. I picked up the pace I didn't even think about it it just happened. The yelling of the dj and the other people who had already finished yelling for you as you finished just kicked up the energy inside me (they should have put all those people on the hill)

Crossing the finish line was one of the greatest  feelings ever! I had done something that people thought I would never be able to do. People have doubted my ability to be a runner since I started running in June and on this day I proved them wrong and became a runner. Not on a runner but a runner who had finished a 15k in 2hrs, and 2mins as her first race! So that was it the race was over now was time for pictures and chocolate!!!!

The after party was great! If you had been running it with a group of people it would be a fun way to relax after the run. I enjoyed eating chocolate and the things you dip in chocolate following the race I mean lets be honest who wouldn't?! The pictures that follow are from the after party and finish line. 

I would say this race was a huge success and I had a blast! I would recommend it to someone as a first race the energy of the city is great and the volunteers where encouraging. I wont soon if ever forget my first race. Whens the next one?!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Catch Up Time

Dear Friends,

It has been a few days since I have written and this post is going to be a mash-up of the last few days. Wednesday I realized I had not been experimenting with food all month so I have no idea what I am taking to Thanksgiving dinner! So I made these: 

And these:

                                                                   With this:

Though they look like sloppy mess they are delicious!!!! I need to perfect the technique but oh my goodness! They also do not fall in the category of healthy at all, to be honest this might the most unhealthy thing I have made and eaten in a long time. But it was so worth every single calorie.

Thursday I woke up for my run and found that it was 

I also just noticed that this picture is from the wrong town, however it was indeed this cold in Athens also. So I got dressed like this
Hot I know I learned something on this run, I was shooting for 4 miles just a short run before this weekend race. I made it 1 count it 1 mile from my house before I realized that my legs were so cold it was excruciatingly painful! So I put my head down and ran home to thaw out. i learned that for the race this weekend I will need to purchase a pair of leggings or running tights to wear under my shorts so that I can make it all 9 miles at 8:00am. 

On to today Friday. This morning I did something that made me feel good about my decision to go to London. I offered my spot for Disney half marathon to a friend of mine who wanted so badly to run the full marathon but was unable to commit soon enough. She is considering the option and if there is enough time to train from where she is right now. She is also if I had to guess evaluating if her body can handle the stress she would be asking to to undertake right now. I hope more than anything she will be able to do it! I hope that we both get to do something we have always wanted to to. 

Ok so last thing! This race this weekend is like killing me right now! I am so nervous my stomach sits in a constant state of knots. I am trying not to think about it as best I can. I got the email today with my bar code to pick up my packet and my corral number. This is really happening! I can do it I know I can but come on who isn't nervous before a race?! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will recap the race early next week. 


Sunday, November 11, 2012

When did this happen?

When did I become a runner? Today I ran 9 miles to prep myself for the Hot Chocolate 15K next weekend. It was suppose to be an 8 mile day but something inside of me said push it to 9. Ok and by something I mean my pride, my pride told me that I had to know I could run those miles before I got to race day and my dad was standing waiting at the finish line for me to cross it. I had to know that my body could handle the amount of stress that I was going to ask it to go through with several thousand of my closest friends.

Today's run was a 3.00 mile run with a 0.50 mile walk a 3.00 mile run with a 0.50 mile walk and a 2 mile run. to it breaks down like this mile 1-3 run, 3-3.5 walk, 3.5-6.5 run, 6.5-7.00 walk, 7.00-9.00 run. Lets be honest I have a big problem with having to walk in my runs, but I am starting to understand that they are a good way to build to the final mile. I am learning that my body needs some time to catch up to what I am asking it to do. So though I keep adding miles I am walking about a mile in every run, however the next run I run the full distance from the week prior. Walking=not bad I just have to remember that while out on the road.

It is now time to do homework and plan my week around my runs and leaving town on Sunday. Sunday after the race I go on a week long vacation for Thanksgiving to see my family and my other half!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

6 Mile Run Dedications

Today I ran 6 miles thanks to my wonderful friend Stephanie. I have been having a hard time staying motivated and last night she offered to run "with" me. She lives in New York City and I live in Ohio so we are making it work this week by promising to do the miles on the day we set. The other thing she did for me was suggesting I dedicate every mile of today's and Sunday's run to someone or something that holds a place in my heart or life. So I want to share my list with you.

Today I ran for:
Mile 1: Stephanie
Mile 2: My cousin Tiffany who has depression
Mile 3: My Aunt Terri who was diagnosed with breast cancer
Mile 4: My cousin Mandy who was diagnosed with MS a few years ago
Mile 5: My grandmother who had a stroke last year
Mile 6: My grandfather who had a heart attack while I was in Ithaca

Sunday I will run for:
Mile 1: Stephanie
Mile 2: My Aunt Kathy who has fibromyalgia
Mile 3: Matthew Wilson a friend of mine who recovered from 2 strokes at the age of 21
Mile 4: Kyle Pott the boyfriend the man who supports my running habit even though he hates 
             running he runs with me
Mile 5: Chase Otto my nephew who is allergic to everything
Mile 6: My cousin Ryan who is over weight and needs some guidance
Mile 7: My Dad the man who has supported me forever
Mile 8: My cousin Steven who has CP 

All of these people as Stephanie says are getting healthier by proxy. I love all of these people more than the sun, moon, or stars. They are amazing people who deserve my dedication and respect. I run for them when I get discouraged and frustrated.

On a different note the hardest part of my run is the walk back to the office following said run. Today I ran 3 miles inside on the track and was so bored I grabbed my cold weather running gear and headed outside where I did the last 3 miles on the river trail.


Funadraiser/Giveaway from

Today's post was suppose to be about the 6 mile run of the day, however I want to talk about something else.

Megan over at is having a fundraiser/giveaway for the victims of Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island. Instead of trying to recap it for you I have pasted the part of the post below. I feel what she is doing is amazing and will help so many people! If you have the many please donate to the cause and help.

Fundraiser for Staten Island Hurricane Sandy Recovery + Giveaway!

Here’s what you can win (there will be MULTIPLE winners! Yay!):
Build your own case of Chobani (12 pack). This is some amazing yogurt, and its healthy.
Sparkly Soul
One thick and one thin headband. These headbands really stay put during running and working out. Plus they are bright and fun. A must have if you love running and glitter!
Road ID
Two winners will each get a $35 eGift card. These amazing wrist bands help keep athletes safe on the road, you can personalize them and include your personal information for ID in the event of an emergency. GREAT product!
Pro Compression
A pair of compression socks. I can’t say enough how much I believe in compression, and these socks are at the top of my list of compression products. They are comfortable and effective, plus they have fun colors!
Aspaeris Pivot Shorts
A pair of compression shorts. This company is amazing, caring, and has been a great friend to me. Plus their shorts are truly fantastic. They make a huge difference in running performance and in my recovery after long runs.
Four pack of Nuun and a Nuun waterbottle. This great product has been helping keep me hydrated for as long as I can remember. These tablets flavor your water and provide much needed electrolytes. Plus, its tasty!
A Gel-Bot waterbottle. This is one amazing waterbottle. You can squeeze an energy gel into a middle compartment and fill the bottle up with water. Adjusting the nozzle allows you to access either one when you need it!
Gu Energy
Mix of gel products. Energy products are crucial for athletes, and Gu is one of the best. They have gels of various flavors and styles to suit your needs for quick fuel on the go! Great company.
3 pairs of performance toe socks. If you run, you know how important socks are. These moisture wicking socks are designed to manage moisture and provide comfort with a design that protects your toes!
Megan’s Prize
I will also be creating a box of various items to be sent to one winner. It will be a collection different products with some great goodies that I love!
I want to thank each and every one of these sponsors from the bottom of my heart. I truly believe in these products and recommend that even if you don’t win, check them out! Lets go support them!
How to enter:
  • Visit my fundraising page to donate to the Staten Island Hurricane Recovery Fund by clicking here (please read Important Information section!).
  • Quickly register for entry into the giveaway by clicking here.
  • Tweet, text, blog, facebook about the fundraiser so we can raise as much money as possible for Staten Island! This is not mandatory, of course, but appreciated :)
  • Come back on 11/26/2012 to see if you are one of the lucky winners!
Important Information:
  • You can donate without entering into the giveaway if you’d like. Every bit helps!
  • Minimum donations are $10 for entry into the giveaway. Number of entries per person are as follows:
    $10: 1 entry
    $15: 2 entries
    $20: 3 entries
    $25: 4 entries
    Donations $30+ will earn 5 entries (plus a virtual hug for being so awesome!!)
  • Multiple winners will be randomly chosen and prizes randomly distributed to each winner. Unfortunately, you cannot request to enter for a specific item/product, it all goes into one pool of entries.
  • All proceeds will be donated to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, to be distributed directly to the Staten Island community for recovery.
  • Donations to my personal fundraising page and giveaway entries will be accepted until 11/25. Winners will be announced here on my blog on 11/26 and contacted via email!
  • Remember, you are awesome for getting involved and helping a great cause!!!

Thanks Everyone I will try and post about my run later in the day

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

London Take Down

It seems like since I found out I might be going to London and not running the Disney half I have fallen off the band wagon of good running and healthy eating. More so the healthy eating! It started hardcore on Friday when I had that really awesome dinner party. I can't seem to get back into the swing of things in the food department. I mean lets be honest I have had ice cream three times this week and it is only Tuesday. PROBLEM!!!! I am starting to think that the mind game and determination is slipping away because I might not be able to run the race I want. (Stupid thought I know) I realize I should have the thought that I can run any race I want and finishing this training process will be a great accomplishment even if I don't get to run. My friend Stephanie said it best after the canceled the NYC marathon "Running the marathon was the single biggest accomplishment I have ever achieved. No doubt about it. That day, despite the crazy injuries, blood, sweat, tears, cold, exhaust, and PAIN, is among the top five days of my life. But when I got off the course that day, I remember thinking: it's the training I'll remember. The long runs, the playlists, the thirst quenching water after mile 4, the gu
packets, the bloody toe nails, the pain so sharp I couldn't walk the next day. Running on Amsterdam avenue along the traffic, feeling unstoppable. Raising money and awareness on behalf of Fred's Team, pushing myself beyond and then beyond the beyond. Walking the last two miles of my first seventeen mile run, and then doing it again the next weekend and FINISHING what I STARTED. As they say, the race is just a happy pay off for all the training. So, congratulations runners. You've done it already."
Let's be honest that statement is true the work goes into the training and the race is a pretty medal (though I do like shinny things) I need to get my butt back in gear there is a 15k to run on the 18th of this month that I have raised the funds for Ronald McDonald House, have put in the time and miles on the road. It the last push in these two weeks leading up to the race why give up now that would be stupid on my part and letting down the people who support me and me. I am not sure what happened in this post but I found a surge of pride while writing it. Tomorrow I will be running 4-5 miles depending on how it feels (I hope outside if it isn't to cold) any words of advice or encouragement are always welcome and I thank you for them. 

Thanks for listening and helping me find my surge! I hope you have found yours! 


Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Goals!

This weekend I made a decision to live my old life style. I ate terribly and didn't work out except for on Friday. I skipped my Sunday 7 mile run because my body it's self is feeling tired and fatigued. I run the 15K in 2 weeks from today I am feeling that with a few days rest from running and work (but still have school) I will be more than ready to break out 8 miles next weekend and 9 the following for the race. I have been learning this past month as the miles are getting higher that I have to listen to my body in order to keep from getting injured. I love running and eating healthy, but sometimes I have to take a step into the past and do all the wrong things to recenter myself.

Goals for November:
       1) Run a 15K
       2) Do core work 3 or 4 times a week
       3) Try something new in a workout
       4) Try a new food

I think even with Thanksgiving all of these goals are easily reachable. The hardest one for me is going to be getting up early a few more days a week to do the core workouts. However I think that core could be done during the evening while watching crummy television.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday night.

Well today I did it! I ran 5 miles in less than an hour! Ok 59 mins and 4 secs isn't much below an hour but hey for me it is super exciting! Even though it was nice enough outside to run out there I chose to run the track still. I have been trying to fight off getting a cold, and my right foot has been bugging me, so I thought it would be a good idea to run on a surface that would not change. And well I was right my foot feels just fine today though I still have a runny nose. Tomorrow I am scheduled to run 7 miles yikes!

So on top of having a really great run yesterday I had some people over for dinner. I had put this 4lb pork roast in my crock pot to eat for dinner all by myself and realized that was silly I would never eat it before it went bad. I invited 3 friends over for dinner and everyone brought a side or dessert. i provided the meat, ad everyone else brought garlic mashed potatoes, rice krispy treats, chocolate chip cookies, and beer. Yes I know not the healthiest meal, but it was good home cooked friend food and time.

Tomorrow I will write the November goals post...I know I know I am behind. 

That was my Friday how was yours? Any good plans for the weekend?


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lesson for the day

It's late so this will be short. Today I learned that on running days I can only have one cup of caffeine and it should be tea not flavored coffee. I ran 2.5 miles walked .5 miles and then lost my cookies in the trash can on the track. Yep that's right in front of all these people I learned a very valuable lesson! This run was suppose to be 4 miles and it turned into 3. I guess I will be a mile short and a lesson learned this week. Friday is a 5 mile day!!!!

Sleep well all!