Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday night.

Well today I did it! I ran 5 miles in less than an hour! Ok 59 mins and 4 secs isn't much below an hour but hey for me it is super exciting! Even though it was nice enough outside to run out there I chose to run the track still. I have been trying to fight off getting a cold, and my right foot has been bugging me, so I thought it would be a good idea to run on a surface that would not change. And well I was right my foot feels just fine today though I still have a runny nose. Tomorrow I am scheduled to run 7 miles yikes!

So on top of having a really great run yesterday I had some people over for dinner. I had put this 4lb pork roast in my crock pot to eat for dinner all by myself and realized that was silly I would never eat it before it went bad. I invited 3 friends over for dinner and everyone brought a side or dessert. i provided the meat, ad everyone else brought garlic mashed potatoes, rice krispy treats, chocolate chip cookies, and beer. Yes I know not the healthiest meal, but it was good home cooked friend food and time.

Tomorrow I will write the November goals post...I know I know I am behind. 

That was my Friday how was yours? Any good plans for the weekend?



  1. That's amazing lady!!! And, all 5 miles on the track? That takes some mental toughness!
    good luck with 7 tomorrow :D

  2. The track is a crazy mental game! I have to count laps in order to make sure I know how many miles I have done!