Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh last week

So yesterday I jumped on the treadmill to do an easy 5 mile run...that didn't work out so well. Some where around mile .75 I was so dizzy I couldn't stand up. I took a seat on the end of my treadmill and down some water thinking that I was just a little dehydrated. After a few big gulps I got back up and started running again, I made it .25 miles and had to walk which I only made it .5 miles. I jumped off the treadmill and did a killer core workout which took about 20 mins (man I feel it today) and finished off my workout with 7 mins on the bike.

My body took a beating this past week with all the food not normally consumed and the lack of regular exercise. That means that this week and next are going to be used to reregulate my eating habits (sugar and butter intake), exercise schedule , and sleep time. Does any one else feel this way after the holiday?

Plan for Today:  (I'll update for week after a grocery store trip)

Tuesday: Luna Bar (Out of breakfast food)
                Potato soup and 1/2 sandwich
                Veggie Chili (Was frozen in the freezer from when I made it before) with Pad thai noodles
                Day off-Grocery shopping!

I hope everyone has a great day! And if your an elf don't forget to write your letter!



  1. oh gosh, I hope you're O.K from that dizzy spell! I'm glad you didn't push through it and took the break from running. You'll get right back to running soon!

  2. It seems that treadmill running and road running are different beasts and I will have to get use to it again or get use to the cold.