Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hot Chocolate 15K Recap!

However I collected my standings quickly when someone handed me a really great jacket that I was asked to try on because they were running small. I had measured and ordered a medium however when I put it on I couldn't close it around my hips. So I exchanged it for a large and was on my way.

 Following packet and jacket pickup we checked into the hotel and spent the night just kind of hanging out. We had dinner at the Tip Top Kitchen in down town Columbus and it was delicious! Sadly I only ate half of my dinner (that I forgot to take pictures  of) because my stomach was so nervous I couldn't even stand it. Sleeping also wasn't really an option. I don't know if it was my dad snoring or the fact that I was so nervous and so excited about the race. But when the alarm went off at 6:00am I was up and ready to go! I ate my apple and almond butter breakfast hopped in the shower and dressed quickly. 

 My dad then dressed and was ready to go wearing sweat pants (for my dad this is weird! ) He then told me that he would run the first two miles with me and maybe the last mile...not really allowed but man was I glad he was there. So before we get to running time there are more pictures. Having my dad there means that there are pictures of things I would have never been able to take pictures of. So the next few pictures are of the startline and traffic of people trying to get to there race! (So glad I got a hotel room)

Ok so race time! I was standing in corral J by myself...ok really I was with 100 other people I didn't know. I was so nervous I starting talking to 3 older women who where getting ready to power walk this race in 2 hrs...I planned on running it in 2 hrs. The clock started and we were off I started my runkeeper and ipod and off I went. (As did everyone else) At some point in the first few minutes my dad snapped a picture of everyone starting and then jumped in to start running with me. I was greatful to have someone to talk to through the first 2 miles because the first 1.5 miles was a slow uphill incline. Also I found that the running tights I had bought the night before were not working out for me. I could not get them to stay up which was causing me to change my stride to compensate which in turn was causing a burning pain in my left calf. These tights had to go! So at mile 2 I ducked behind a building and took them off...aka i took off my running shoes, shorts, and tights, and put back on my shorts and running shoes and hit the pavement with the rest of the runner again. Shortly following the tight take off my dad bailed out and took the tights with him. Was my dad left I put in both headphones and started running. It felt great and I felt great! I wizzed through the first water stop (I carried my water bottle from my hydration belt during the race)  Next thing I knew I was looking at the 5k sign with no pain, no problems, and ready to keep going. The next 3 miles where not flawless but they felt good.

Some where between miles 4 and 5 I took a short walk break to get my bearings back after the water station and to recenter my energy into running and not all the crazy things that go through your brain while you are running. Mile 3-4.5 took place on the OSU campus which is seems like a really nice place to live. Mile 5 and 6 where great they wrapped through the residential distracted of Columbus which is full of some really great old houses. There was a ton to look at and really great spectators sitting on there decks having there morning coffee cheering us on! Mile 7 I hit a wall and had to take another walk break. My brain was toast! It wanted so bad to finish strong but at the same time was revolting. I convinced myself that after this race I would be really proud of what I accomplished and I promised to eat cake(not the best tactic but it worked)

I will say seeing the 8 mile mark was a great feeling! I knew I only had 1.3 miles to go and at that point my dad jumped back in with me after taking a picture of me turning the corner. We started running and chatting and found that the 9 mile marker came up pretty quick. The volunteers where screaming only .3 mile to go your doing great! Then you turned to corner and found that the last .3 miles was straight up hill! (Who does that it's so cruel!!!!) I had to pause for a minute and collect my energy to get up that hill! It was slow going but I made it to the top and could see the finish line. I picked up the pace I didn't even think about it it just happened. The yelling of the dj and the other people who had already finished yelling for you as you finished just kicked up the energy inside me (they should have put all those people on the hill)

Crossing the finish line was one of the greatest  feelings ever! I had done something that people thought I would never be able to do. People have doubted my ability to be a runner since I started running in June and on this day I proved them wrong and became a runner. Not on a runner but a runner who had finished a 15k in 2hrs, and 2mins as her first race! So that was it the race was over now was time for pictures and chocolate!!!!

The after party was great! If you had been running it with a group of people it would be a fun way to relax after the run. I enjoyed eating chocolate and the things you dip in chocolate following the race I mean lets be honest who wouldn't?! The pictures that follow are from the after party and finish line. 

I would say this race was a huge success and I had a blast! I would recommend it to someone as a first race the energy of the city is great and the volunteers where encouraging. I wont soon if ever forget my first race. Whens the next one?!



  1. ahh great, great pictures and recap!! Huge congrats on the race! I can't believe you only started running soo recently. Be very proud!!

    I absolutely love your race outfit too, super cute!

  2. Thanks! Having my dad there helped with race pictures alot! I also can not believe I just started running t is like I'm in the twilight zone I never thought a year ago I would be running just for fun!

  3. Woohoo!! You are awesome, girl!! What a great time too! That is so sweet that your Dad was there for you. What a great guy! During my Half's, I tell myself that when I'm done, I will go get a HUGE bowl of icecream, and that really helps me! So cake, icecream, whatever it takes!!
    My last 5k ended on a huge hill. I agree, very cruel. Why do they do that?? I don't know!
    So, when's the next race? They're addicting for sure!

    1. I don't know why they do that but I wish they didn't!!!!! The cake was a delicious brownie Sunday so I may have have had cake and ice cream (A little over board I know) My dad is awesome! He is incredibly supportive and is always there for my sister and I.

      My next race is kind of up in the air because I will be spending 10 weeks in London starting in January. So it was suppose to be the WDW 1/2 Marathon, but now I think it will be the Athens 1/2 marathon or the snowflake 5k not sure yet.

      What about you what's your next race?

    2. Wow, 10 weeks in London, that sounds amazing!!
      I don't have any races scheduled! I'm planning on taking the winter off from races (not taking off from running though!), and then starting again in the Spring. I want to do more half's and less 5k's though!