Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cold Weather

Since my race I have not really laced up my running shoes for more than a mile here or there. Not having something to train for seems to be taking a toll on me. There is no goal to work towards, however I really like the results physically I have been getting from training. The other thing that seems to be keeping me inside is the 20degree weather. When you wake up and it is 20 or colder outside and still dark...motivation sucker!!!

However this by no means I have been inactive. Last week I worked out 2 days one killer arm/upper body workout my boyfriend taught me (I was so sore but don't tell him I played the in shape tough guy) and a really great core workout. Monday this week I jumped on the treadmill and did that killer ab workout again. Last night I did the 16min earn your feast workout...let me tell you it was butt kicking!!! Give it a try and let me know what you think, I only made it through 3 sets and had to switch to core bc I was so out of breathe. is killer at making workouts!

So you may ask yourself what is keeping you motivated during this cold season to keep moving at all and not just curl up under a blanket and fall off the rid? Elf 4 Health!!! This is a program that Lindsey over at and her sidekick created to keep people form falling into old terrible habits for the holiday season. Every day there is a new challenge. Yesterday try a new workout...hince the workout, today is 15 mins of mediation and reflection. I am finding it helpful that there are 600 other people across the world who are fighting the same fight I am. The other thing that is keeping me going is my little sister. She started a new blog about trying to get healthy and be a better person for herself...I mean if she can do it so can I right...aka sibling rivalry or love however you look at it. Follow her and cheer her or give her advice if you have any. She is a little more structured right now than my blog is which is weird because we are the opposite in real life.

So the plan for next week is as follows:
Monday: 1 Mile run warm up...speed, arm and core weight workout, stretch
Tuesday: 5k Run virtual race for, core and stretching
Wednesday: Earn your feast workout...keeping this one for a few weeks to get better at inchworms, stretching
Thursday: 10k Run for virtual race...I entered both 5k and 10k because training was suppose to have me there any ways.
Friday: Core workout, stretch
Saturday: 9 Miles...we will see how this goes. 
Sunday: Rest  

I also want to make sure I keep up with my food journal it helps keep me accountable. Here goes!



  1. Even if you haven't been running lots, you've definitely kept active and switched things up. That's fantastic!

    I'm not officially doing the elf4health challenge, but I've really enjoyed reading everyone who is - such a great thing!

    I'm going to check your sister out! :D

    1. If you are interested in doing the elf 4 health you can join after the first 2 weeks when we switch partners! Thanks for the support of my sister she will appreciate it