Tuesday, November 6, 2012

London Take Down

It seems like since I found out I might be going to London and not running the Disney half I have fallen off the band wagon of good running and healthy eating. More so the healthy eating! It started hardcore on Friday when I had that really awesome dinner party. I can't seem to get back into the swing of things in the food department. I mean lets be honest I have had ice cream three times this week and it is only Tuesday. PROBLEM!!!! I am starting to think that the mind game and determination is slipping away because I might not be able to run the race I want. (Stupid thought I know) I realize I should have the thought that I can run any race I want and finishing this training process will be a great accomplishment even if I don't get to run. My friend Stephanie said it best after the canceled the NYC marathon "Running the marathon was the single biggest accomplishment I have ever achieved. No doubt about it. That day, despite the crazy injuries, blood, sweat, tears, cold, exhaust, and PAIN, is among the top five days of my life. But when I got off the course that day, I remember thinking: it's the training I'll remember. The long runs, the playlists, the thirst quenching water after mile 4, the gu
packets, the bloody toe nails, the pain so sharp I couldn't walk the next day. Running on Amsterdam avenue along the traffic, feeling unstoppable. Raising money and awareness on behalf of Fred's Team, pushing myself beyond and then beyond the beyond. Walking the last two miles of my first seventeen mile run, and then doing it again the next weekend and FINISHING what I STARTED. As they say, the race is just a happy pay off for all the training. So, congratulations runners. You've done it already."
Let's be honest that statement is true the work goes into the training and the race is a pretty medal (though I do like shinny things) I need to get my butt back in gear there is a 15k to run on the 18th of this month that I have raised the funds for Ronald McDonald House, have put in the time and miles on the road. It the last push in these two weeks leading up to the race why give up now that would be stupid on my part and letting down the people who support me and me. I am not sure what happened in this post but I found a surge of pride while writing it. Tomorrow I will be running 4-5 miles depending on how it feels (I hope outside if it isn't to cold) any words of advice or encouragement are always welcome and I thank you for them. 

Thanks for listening and helping me find my surge! I hope you have found yours! 



  1. I can relate to this! I was in the best shape of my life and eating the best/cleanest when I'm training for something. It can be mentally hard when you're just running, for the sake of running!
    It's almost like you writing it out made you snap back into it. I hope you have a GREAT 4/5mile run and find that little bit of motivation again!

  2. Life got in the way yesterday so I did 6 miles today with the help of my friend Stephanie we ran the same distance in far off places and dedicated each mile to someone different. I'll recap the run later tonight! Thank you for your support!!!