Thursday, November 8, 2012

Funadraiser/Giveaway from

Today's post was suppose to be about the 6 mile run of the day, however I want to talk about something else.

Megan over at is having a fundraiser/giveaway for the victims of Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island. Instead of trying to recap it for you I have pasted the part of the post below. I feel what she is doing is amazing and will help so many people! If you have the many please donate to the cause and help.

Fundraiser for Staten Island Hurricane Sandy Recovery + Giveaway!

Here’s what you can win (there will be MULTIPLE winners! Yay!):
Build your own case of Chobani (12 pack). This is some amazing yogurt, and its healthy.
Sparkly Soul
One thick and one thin headband. These headbands really stay put during running and working out. Plus they are bright and fun. A must have if you love running and glitter!
Road ID
Two winners will each get a $35 eGift card. These amazing wrist bands help keep athletes safe on the road, you can personalize them and include your personal information for ID in the event of an emergency. GREAT product!
Pro Compression
A pair of compression socks. I can’t say enough how much I believe in compression, and these socks are at the top of my list of compression products. They are comfortable and effective, plus they have fun colors!
Aspaeris Pivot Shorts
A pair of compression shorts. This company is amazing, caring, and has been a great friend to me. Plus their shorts are truly fantastic. They make a huge difference in running performance and in my recovery after long runs.
Four pack of Nuun and a Nuun waterbottle. This great product has been helping keep me hydrated for as long as I can remember. These tablets flavor your water and provide much needed electrolytes. Plus, its tasty!
A Gel-Bot waterbottle. This is one amazing waterbottle. You can squeeze an energy gel into a middle compartment and fill the bottle up with water. Adjusting the nozzle allows you to access either one when you need it!
Gu Energy
Mix of gel products. Energy products are crucial for athletes, and Gu is one of the best. They have gels of various flavors and styles to suit your needs for quick fuel on the go! Great company.
3 pairs of performance toe socks. If you run, you know how important socks are. These moisture wicking socks are designed to manage moisture and provide comfort with a design that protects your toes!
Megan’s Prize
I will also be creating a box of various items to be sent to one winner. It will be a collection different products with some great goodies that I love!
I want to thank each and every one of these sponsors from the bottom of my heart. I truly believe in these products and recommend that even if you don’t win, check them out! Lets go support them!
How to enter:
  • Visit my fundraising page to donate to the Staten Island Hurricane Recovery Fund by clicking here (please read Important Information section!).
  • Quickly register for entry into the giveaway by clicking here.
  • Tweet, text, blog, facebook about the fundraiser so we can raise as much money as possible for Staten Island! This is not mandatory, of course, but appreciated :)
  • Come back on 11/26/2012 to see if you are one of the lucky winners!
Important Information:
  • You can donate without entering into the giveaway if you’d like. Every bit helps!
  • Minimum donations are $10 for entry into the giveaway. Number of entries per person are as follows:
    $10: 1 entry
    $15: 2 entries
    $20: 3 entries
    $25: 4 entries
    Donations $30+ will earn 5 entries (plus a virtual hug for being so awesome!!)
  • Multiple winners will be randomly chosen and prizes randomly distributed to each winner. Unfortunately, you cannot request to enter for a specific item/product, it all goes into one pool of entries.
  • All proceeds will be donated to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, to be distributed directly to the Staten Island community for recovery.
  • Donations to my personal fundraising page and giveaway entries will be accepted until 11/25. Winners will be announced here on my blog on 11/26 and contacted via email!
  • Remember, you are awesome for getting involved and helping a great cause!!!

Thanks Everyone I will try and post about my run later in the day

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