Sunday, November 11, 2012

When did this happen?

When did I become a runner? Today I ran 9 miles to prep myself for the Hot Chocolate 15K next weekend. It was suppose to be an 8 mile day but something inside of me said push it to 9. Ok and by something I mean my pride, my pride told me that I had to know I could run those miles before I got to race day and my dad was standing waiting at the finish line for me to cross it. I had to know that my body could handle the amount of stress that I was going to ask it to go through with several thousand of my closest friends.

Today's run was a 3.00 mile run with a 0.50 mile walk a 3.00 mile run with a 0.50 mile walk and a 2 mile run. to it breaks down like this mile 1-3 run, 3-3.5 walk, 3.5-6.5 run, 6.5-7.00 walk, 7.00-9.00 run. Lets be honest I have a big problem with having to walk in my runs, but I am starting to understand that they are a good way to build to the final mile. I am learning that my body needs some time to catch up to what I am asking it to do. So though I keep adding miles I am walking about a mile in every run, however the next run I run the full distance from the week prior. Walking=not bad I just have to remember that while out on the road.

It is now time to do homework and plan my week around my runs and leaving town on Sunday. Sunday after the race I go on a week long vacation for Thanksgiving to see my family and my other half!


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  1. ooooooooooooooh! Very nice!! Great job!

    There is not a thing wrong with having to walk!