Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today is Random

 SPARKLES!!!! Yesterday I bought the fabric to attempt to make a sparkle skirt for the 2013 Firecracker 5K on the 4th of July. I also purchased some red sequence to make a head band out of. I promise to take pictures for you all to see.

On to more running news. This morning I found a pretty decent 5 mile loop starting and ending at my front door. The best part for me is that it is a loop and not an out and back. Out and backs for me are really boring which means I stop trying where as with a loop there is always something new to look at. The other good things about the loop is that if i get bored doing it one way I can do it backwards. As you can see by the photo I didn't run the whole thing, however I ran more of it than I walked so I am calling that a win! My legs feel good, we will see how they feel tomorrow. Also this run means I finished Station 2 in We Get LOST in Running! I should be getting Station 1 and Station 2 medals in the mail this weeks!!!

So the reason you are seeing it twice: I am now using both apps. I am trying to decide which one i like better. I like Runkeeper because I have a few other friends to compete with and it records my splits, but I like the Nike + app because it gives motivation while running, and it is quick while it gives you your stats while your running. So for now I will keep using both of them.

Lastly this little guy showed up in the mail last week! I was super excited to get it. As stated in an earlier post this set of races where done internationally and I had a great time!

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


This is all I have for you today. One terrible run on Wednesday slow and steady did not win over the heat and the poor eating habits. Also I have chosen to switch to Nike+ running app to give something new a try. I haven't worked out all the bugs (aka choices) yet but so far I really like it.

Second things I have today is my new favorite poster:
This pretty much sums up me and my attitude these days. Working through a lot of things laced up and on the pavement.

The last things I have today is this:

Try and remember that every one! Have a great weekend and keep running!


Friday, June 14, 2013

New Plan

Today I tried something new...water work out! I was a little hesitant at first I didnt think it would be as difficult as my runs or strength training...I am here to say I was wrong! This morning I did 30 first position jumps, 10 minute run, 10 laps, and a 5 minute water tread and I did it all twice. Let me tell you I can feel every muscle in my body right now. Water cardio is no joke! This workout will be worked in twice a week most likely on Mondays and Fridays.

The week will now look like this:
Monday: water cardio
Tuesday: run & core
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: run & core
Friday: water cardio
Saturday: run & core
Sunday: rest day

I am in the process of finishing my race and training schedule for the summer and fall. We are definitely doing the Fircracker 5K on thr 4th of July, this one will be nothing but fun. 3 of my cousins are also registered and we are pushing 2 munchkins. Things in the possible column include the Cardinals Care 6K in August in St. Louis, Hot Chocolate 15K in November in Columbus, and the Mickey Jingle Jungle 5k in Disney World. We are putting off the goal of a 13.1 race for this year mainly because I cant find one I want to run that I could possibly be ready for. I will however be entering the raffle for the Nike Womans Half in DC.
Thats all for today every one have a great weekend!!!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two Runs One Post

Two runs one post. 

Tuesday I ran Station One of the Get LOST Running series and lets just say i might not be as smart as I thought. As you all I am sure know a 4K is 2.5 miles, and as you can see I apparently thought it was 2.9 miles. (And can I just say those last 4/10th of a mile where killer) 
The point of the series is to run trails, or beaches well since I live in a land locked state that makes a beach impossible, however the amount of flooding in the state of Missouri has also made trails impossible right now which means I ran the neighborhood. The neighborhood is full of old trees that provide shade on the wrong side of the street from the side walk. Have you ever noticed that the sidewalk is always in the sun no matter where you are. I will say though with the rain we have had the heat and humidity have stayed away which I praise the Lord for because in July it will not be that way, you will instead hear me whining about how hot it is and how I wish it was winter time again.

 The other thing about this run is that I was trying out some new clothes. Yep you heard right I finally broke down and bought a few new pairs of running short and tops. The shorts I think I hate but I trying to get use to them but the top I love. The shorts are to short for me my thighs rub together when they get hot and I hate it! My sister suggested that I go buy a pair of biker shorts of another fun color to wear under them which would indeed solve the problem. The top on the other hand was awesome! It is bright colored, fit well, and has vents in all the right places. I will indeed be wearing this one often this summer!

Run number two was this morning. This morning started out a little rough sometimes you just have days, but I laced up and put on my new tank top.
This morning I covered 3.1 miles or a 5K depending on how you like to talk about it. The first 2 miles weren't so  bad my legs felt good and my breathing was pretty solid. The last mile however everything just fell apart. Does that ever happen to you? I couldn't breathe and my legs felt like I had tied bricks onto my feet. But I pushed on, something yoga has taught me in the last few weeks is that if you can breathe through the pain and discomfort on the mat/road you can breathe through the pain and discomfort of life. This might be my new motto. We shall see. 

 The other thing this morning is this great new Nike tank top I bought! (Not sure why the picture keeps loading sideways) Tank tops are a new article of clothing for me when it comes to running. I must say I enjoy this one. It is super soft and kept me dry through my whole run though I did find when I got home that the shirt itself was soaked!

Everything I bought I bought at Marshall's...it was a bad day for my checkbook but I great day for summer running! Have a great day everyone!!!!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Foodie Pals Reveal Day

So I am a few days late things have been nuts. I apologize to my pen pal Bethany for not writing this sooner. Bethany and I share a love for Trader Joe's I was impressed that she found a box full of things that I had never tried. Now I will admit I still have not tried any of them, however I am super excited to try the mango pieces and the dark chocolate. The things she sent in my box where all on the healthy side which is great because that is something the last few months I have been struggling with. However she didn't leave out the sweet tooth I am so guilty of having.

I will also day I am super excited to try the couscous! I have never made couscous without the seasoning packet which I know adds a lot of salt which I don't need. So needless to say I am super excited to try a bunch of Trader Joe's products that I have never tasted before!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

5 By 5 Ending

Today was the last 5by5 race for me! I did half of my races in London and half of my races in the US. Some of them were running past Parliament/London Eye, some past the Hocking river,  some past the St. Louis Arch, and the last one through the subdivision I grew up in. My run today was a little slow but I have not been treating my body the way I should be.
I loved being able to run this series! It sometimes was the only reason I laced up and hit the pavement. I have had a difficult few months and this series has helped keep me grounded in my running and kept me sane and on the right track. I thank @mommyrunfast for this great series and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!


P.S. I can't wait for my medal to come in the mail!!!!