Monday, June 3, 2013

Foodie Pals Reveal Day

So I am a few days late things have been nuts. I apologize to my pen pal Bethany for not writing this sooner. Bethany and I share a love for Trader Joe's I was impressed that she found a box full of things that I had never tried. Now I will admit I still have not tried any of them, however I am super excited to try the mango pieces and the dark chocolate. The things she sent in my box where all on the healthy side which is great because that is something the last few months I have been struggling with. However she didn't leave out the sweet tooth I am so guilty of having.

I will also day I am super excited to try the couscous! I have never made couscous without the seasoning packet which I know adds a lot of salt which I don't need. So needless to say I am super excited to try a bunch of Trader Joe's products that I have never tasted before!


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