Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Well here we go.

It's been a while since I have been here I have missed my digital running family a great deal, however I had some things to sort out and am happy to say I am back. I spent the summer running, running, running, on ground and in swimming pools as well as lifting light weights and core work. I had lost 15lbs since April-August and was feeling strong and confident in my body.
When I got back to school all those things went down the drain! We are 7 weeks in and I (till yesterday) had not run in 3 weeks! 3 WEEKS! That is ridiculous!!! I was choosing sleep over running with how crazy my schedule had gotten trying to design 2 thesis, be a student, run the electrics shop, and have a social life I chose sleep. And I believe most people would be behind me all the way on that decision. However in choosing sleep I have gained 5lbs back (the ice cream and beer might be helping) and lost a great deal of confidence I had built. So Sunday night I decided I was going to get up Monday and run 1 mile that is all I needed to do 1 mile...and I did: 

Is it record breaking...nope but it made me feel better and right now that is the only thing that matters to be honest. Also it made me decide that I wanted to run 25 mile minimum this month. For some of you that is a days worth of running, for some of you that is a weeks worth of runs, but for me this month it's a months worth of running and I am ok with that. My body is kind of starting over and I don't want to push it to hard to fast and end up laid up on the couch with an injury.
So the goal is a mile a day for a month. That means at least a 7:30am wake up call on week days and weekends (which is way later than it was this time last year) which isn't that bad. The other goal for this month is to post about my runs and let you know how my body is feeling, how my spirit is developing, and how my confidence is growing...hopefully all of those things will be true.
 Today is Tuesday which means run 2 happened this morning yep that's right I am 2 for 2 woohoo! This mornings run was faster than yesterday, I didn't really push for it to be that way, however it was colder this morning so maybe that's why. Some where around the 3/4 mile mark I started to notice my legs getting tired which is great! Yep sounds crazy but it is nice to know they are still down there. As the day progresses I am sure I will find my quads to be a little sore which maybe a consistent thing for the rest of the month. My spirit and willingness are good and ready to tackle as much of this challenge my body will let me tackle.

However this challenge is going to mean more laundry for me...because I only have 5 pairs of running clothes :( Wish me luck and I will see you tomorrow!