Thursday, March 28, 2013


Ok so the title is way more exciting than this post will be. Yesterday I ran a 5k and wanted to die...did I mention it was 27 degrees outside. Ok so that is no excuse but I did have a revelation yesterday that running needs to be a life change and not just a hobby if I am going to stick with it. Running makes me feel like I am accomplishing something every time I hit the pavement. So yesterday I ran a 5k in 39:21.

Also I bought these fun toys so that at 6:00am I don't have to go to the gym. Because see I was having a hard time getting to the gym because it is so stinking cold outside! I am working on doing my arm workout every Thursday morning, and my core workout every other day moving into every day. Blue though not my favorite color is the only color they had. :( 

So tada this is where I have been. I am working on my thesis which will go up next year but it will take a great deal of time to put everything in order for the performance and the reviews!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Race @ Remeber

This week was the Race 2 Remember for Janine over at the Purple Giraffe! It was not a great race for me. This weekend also happens to be a double shift 2 days in a row kind of week. We are trying to finish painting some scenery so a show can go into tech. So today during my lunch break I went to lunch with everyone...Millers Fried  Chicken. Best friend chicken ever! However fried chicken does not make for a good base for a 5k run during your dinner break 3 hours late. But I chugged through the constant wanting to throw up feeling and finished the miles, I also picked like one of the hilliest place in town to run but all in all it was a nice day for a quick 36:19 5k. That is all for today I hope everyone is well it has been quite in the blog world the last few day. Stay healthy and keep moving!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nike Woman's Virtual 10k

This weekend I ran 6.2 miles yep you heard 6.2! That is the longest distance I believe I have covered since the Hot Chocolate 15k in November 2012. Here's the down side I can't log my miles with Nike because my Nike+ doesn't function so I had to log them with runkeeper. This is a little frustrating but not enough so to keep me from being excited! I mean I still got the shirt and donated money to a good cause those are really the important things in life.

I mean come on I did a happy the rain when I was finished. Because yes it poured pretty much the whole time! Kyle ran the first 3 miles with me then took off for home to have a hot protein filled breakfast waiting for me when I finished the second 3.2 and yes the .2 is also important. But really the important part is that all 6.2 miles felt great. Other than the rain everything else just seemed to click. The first 3 miles were a little slow though I thank my pacing partner for making them that way because the pace I had started with I would have been falling in the grass dieing after 3 miles. So all in all I had a great time and got a fun shirt out of it and yep I wore it on Saturday with pride! Next race this month (I think even this week) is the race to Remember 5k with Janine over at the PurpleGiraffe...maybe I'll work on speed.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Tell me about them? Did you race? Hit any new PR? Or do anything fun that has nothing to do with running?


Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Plunge

I finally did it I purchased 2 pair of compression socks, pink & purple (not that the color matters) I went yesterday and got fitted for a pair and found that the running store wanted $60 a pair!...which is way out of my price range. So this morning I went to and ordered 2 pair for less than the price the running store wanted 1 pair. The hard part now is going to be waiting for them to come in the mail.  In roughly 7 days these will arrive!
Reason for finally taking the plunge...I have been doing some reading about people who have cramping problems in the calf and feet area. It has been said that the increase in fluids isn't enough some times, sometimes people need an increase in blood flow. Either because of the way they sit all day has decreased flow or just because they are getting old. (Yes I am choosing the first one because I am not that old yet)

On to other things yesterday I ran a slow and steady 13:03 mile on the treadmill then did a core workout. It felt great to sweat again and feel my muscles work hard again. I missed being in the gym while I was in London. In theory today I will try and get in a few miles this evening as well as the upper body workout.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hello friends! I made it home on Monday night and haven't had time to blog since my return from the states...busy getting my hair cut and seeing family.

On Friday I ran my last London run. It was the mommyrunfast 5by5. I ran at a slower pace seeing as it was the first time I had laced up in about a week. But I knew the run would make me feel better and I didn't want to miss my last chance to run the embankment, you know past parliament and the London Eye. I completed the run in 39:00 and felt great, my legs were happy, my stomach was happy, and all in all it felt like a great run. Since getting back to the states however I have not been able to lace up due to some dehydration issues. I have been having a lot of cramping in my feet and calves at night and after climbing stairs/walking a lot. So the past few days have been about drinking as much liquid as I can possibly handle, which also means more trips to the bathroom. I am scheduled to run the Nike woman's 10k on Saturday so hopefully I can get laced up for a short 1 mile run today and maybe a 4 mile run tomorrow, with a 6.2 on Saturday.

Today for sure I will be hitting the gym to get back into my upper body and core routine. I also have been doing some reading that says strengthening my hip flexors with help with stability in my strike while running, so I shall start some research on that front. Lastly I am jumping on the stretching band wagon for a while. My muscles feel tight and I want them to feel looser so I am doing some research into stretching for runners and dancers.

That is all for now. it is nice to be back in the same time zones as everyone! Have a great Wednesday!