Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nike Woman's Virtual 10k

This weekend I ran 6.2 miles yep you heard 6.2! That is the longest distance I believe I have covered since the Hot Chocolate 15k in November 2012. Here's the down side I can't log my miles with Nike because my Nike+ doesn't function so I had to log them with runkeeper. This is a little frustrating but not enough so to keep me from being excited! I mean I still got the shirt and donated money to a good cause those are really the important things in life.

I mean come on I did a happy the rain when I was finished. Because yes it poured pretty much the whole time! Kyle ran the first 3 miles with me then took off for home to have a hot protein filled breakfast waiting for me when I finished the second 3.2 and yes the .2 is also important. But really the important part is that all 6.2 miles felt great. Other than the rain everything else just seemed to click. The first 3 miles were a little slow though I thank my pacing partner for making them that way because the pace I had started with I would have been falling in the grass dieing after 3 miles. So all in all I had a great time and got a fun shirt out of it and yep I wore it on Saturday with pride! Next race this month (I think even this week) is the race to Remember 5k with Janine over at the PurpleGiraffe...maybe I'll work on speed.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Tell me about them? Did you race? Hit any new PR? Or do anything fun that has nothing to do with running?



  1. That's awesome!! That's nice that you had a pacing partner too! I didn't race this weekend, but I did run 17 miles. It was pretty perfect!

  2. 17 Miles to me still sounds crazy! I congratulate anyone who can do it!!!