Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hello friends! I made it home on Monday night and haven't had time to blog since my return from the states...busy getting my hair cut and seeing family.

On Friday I ran my last London run. It was the mommyrunfast 5by5. I ran at a slower pace seeing as it was the first time I had laced up in about a week. But I knew the run would make me feel better and I didn't want to miss my last chance to run the embankment, you know past parliament and the London Eye. I completed the run in 39:00 and felt great, my legs were happy, my stomach was happy, and all in all it felt like a great run. Since getting back to the states however I have not been able to lace up due to some dehydration issues. I have been having a lot of cramping in my feet and calves at night and after climbing stairs/walking a lot. So the past few days have been about drinking as much liquid as I can possibly handle, which also means more trips to the bathroom. I am scheduled to run the Nike woman's 10k on Saturday so hopefully I can get laced up for a short 1 mile run today and maybe a 4 mile run tomorrow, with a 6.2 on Saturday.

Today for sure I will be hitting the gym to get back into my upper body and core routine. I also have been doing some reading that says strengthening my hip flexors with help with stability in my strike while running, so I shall start some research on that front. Lastly I am jumping on the stretching band wagon for a while. My muscles feel tight and I want them to feel looser so I am doing some research into stretching for runners and dancers.

That is all for now. it is nice to be back in the same time zones as everyone! Have a great Wednesday!



  1. Welcome back to the states girl! :)

  2. Welcome back! Yeah, work those hips for sure! Make sure to not neglect your obliques as well!

    Hydration issues? That is odd. I have never really had cramping issues, so that is foreign to me. If I wake up and I am not clear, I freak out.