Friday, November 15, 2013

A Year this Weekend

This weekend marks one year since I ran my first race. Yep that was the coolest feeling in the world. However in the last year I have had some peaks and valleys in my running. Peaks include completing my goal of 13 in 2013. This means that between January 1 and December 31 I have run at least 13 virtual or registered races. The valleys have been sickness, and a knee injury keeping me off the road.

One of my favorite things I started this year is the Get LOST in Running series. I have earned the medals for the first 3 stations which hang in my house. These 3 medals are a total of 16.8 miles! This series for me has been a great reason to stay motivated. These three medal where each one race for me so one day I completed the 4K, one day I finished the 8K, and one day at the end of the summer I ran the 15K.
In continuation in this series I have one medal sitting on my dresser that I want to take out of the package so bad! It is a 16K which is a total of 10 miles! I am so far from being able to run 10 miles at one time right now coming out of this valley I am in. So my plan for this medal is to make it my training medal. This means that as I build in my miles on my weekly runs they will add up to the 10 miles. and help me get to the ability to run the full distance at one time for station 5.

To finish out the original series I have to finish stations 5 and 6. Station 5 is a 14. 3 mile run. My goal is to make this my first half! I want to make station 6 which is 26.1 miles break into 2 half's. Upon finishing the original 6 stations means that I have earned the series medal, however Joe added the last 4 stations from the show
into the series so for me until I finish the last original 3 stations and the added on 4 stations will I truly have earned the series medal.
When all is said and done this series will equal a total of 88.3 miles! This series allowed me 3 races (maybe 4) virtual races in 13 in 2013 and will give me 6 races (maybe 7) in 14 in 2014. Oh right my goal for next year is to run 14 in 2014 like I did in 2013! My other goal is to run my first half marathon before next November, and to break my PR of 39:00 minutes on my 5K. With goals in hand, which I will elaborate on more in a different post, I am ready to start my second year in racing.