Friday, June 14, 2013

New Plan

Today I tried something new...water work out! I was a little hesitant at first I didnt think it would be as difficult as my runs or strength training...I am here to say I was wrong! This morning I did 30 first position jumps, 10 minute run, 10 laps, and a 5 minute water tread and I did it all twice. Let me tell you I can feel every muscle in my body right now. Water cardio is no joke! This workout will be worked in twice a week most likely on Mondays and Fridays.

The week will now look like this:
Monday: water cardio
Tuesday: run & core
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: run & core
Friday: water cardio
Saturday: run & core
Sunday: rest day

I am in the process of finishing my race and training schedule for the summer and fall. We are definitely doing the Fircracker 5K on thr 4th of July, this one will be nothing but fun. 3 of my cousins are also registered and we are pushing 2 munchkins. Things in the possible column include the Cardinals Care 6K in August in St. Louis, Hot Chocolate 15K in November in Columbus, and the Mickey Jingle Jungle 5k in Disney World. We are putting off the goal of a 13.1 race for this year mainly because I cant find one I want to run that I could possibly be ready for. I will however be entering the raffle for the Nike Womans Half in DC.
Thats all for today every one have a great weekend!!!


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