Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh you know...

You know those runs when with every step you take you know why every ounce of your body feels heavy and you are panting for breathe?

Yep had one of those yesterday...aka I ate way to much cake, fish and chips, and beer on Saturday with very little sleep to get up and run on a lovely Sunday morning. I chose to keep it short in distance but long in time. I ran 2 miles with a 5-7 minute stretch break in the middle for a total of 35:46. I then followed if up with brunch with friends...aka a full English breakfast. Yep that's right I worked that hard and then had a full English breakfast.

Here's the thing I have learned/excepted since being in London. I will only do this once so I should try all the things. Now that does not mean that the hoarding of sugar and late night eating I have been doing in my room at night counts. It means that if there is something yummy on a menu I have never tried I will try it, if there is a new dessert or pastry I have never tried to try it. I try to split things with the other girl who came with me when it comes to sweets and pastries but we aren't always together.

Now back to this hoarding thing. When I first moved out of my house I hoarded sugar and ate it late at night all alone when everyone else was asleep. When I started running I kicked the habit and had to trick myself into saying I didn't need it and it wasn't necessary to be happy. I lived this way for almost a year. Keeping things like cakes, cookies, and candy out of the house so that if I wanted them I had to go out and get them. Which for me is not nearly as appealing as walking over to the cabinet. However since I have been here I have slowly been falling back into this habit of having sugar in the house and last night I realized I had 2 tubes of cake rolls, and 2 bags of percy pig gummy candy in my bedroom. This means that I am eating them all the time, I have no regard as to what I am putting in my mouth after about 5:00pm. I am hoping that by admitting my problem here I can start to work out the reasons why I have been doing this again.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I went on the Globe Theater Tour!



  1. I have the same problem with sweets in the house. I am a secret eater of them too! I am currently doing an eating program where they are strictly a no no so I hope it breaks the habit. I am proud of you for still running girl!

  2. Agree with Jade - great job for getting out there and running still!
    Chocolate and sweets in the house is HARD for me too at times. I get into phases..and when I'm constantly craving them at an excessive amount, I'll not buy them at all for a while to try and control it a bit!

  3. This sounds too much like my weekend. I just had too much good food around! It is amazing how much our choices damage our runs!