Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's the small things

Things I did wrong before my run this morning:
     A) Went to bed to late
     B) Ate ice cream prior to going to bed
     C) Forgot to eat my banana before my run
     D) Forgot my water bottle on said run
     E) Forgot my tissues for my run which mean my gloves turned into tissues

BUT...even with all of that going wrong I still managed to pull out a 5k run in 41:17 which is a whole 1:08 faster than Sunday's run!!!! Don't ask me how because I have no idea but it happened. My average mile time was 13:28 slower than before but way better than the 14:02 average mile time for last week. This run also fulfills yet another virtual race 5k. This month I had to complete 2 virtual races distance of my choosing and well I guess I chose the 5k.

About the run itself. It was not mu strongest run but it felt better than Sunday's run. My legs right now just feel heavy every run so I am getting use to it. I believe some of that is walking to much and then trying to run on them before they recover and not consuming enough water/hydrating liquids. But all in all I am happy with what I accomplished this morning and if you subtract 2min from the final time for traffic lights (which I wont do) it is a better time though traffic lights are part of the game I guess.

I believe my goal for the rest of my time in London is to keep at the 5k distance and work on getting faster again. Reconditioning my body to take in oxygen the way it is suppose to, teach myself how to breather through the miles, and to get my body back into running shape. I also will be and have been doing this:
I found this on Amy's page at the end of January while I was catching up on reading blogs. Well it was to late to fit it all in in January so I started it on February 1. That means that the days of the week are wrong so I follow the dates. I have accomplished the first week and feel great. I have however been doing "girl" push-ups which I think I will stick with for this month and try the whole thing again next month in "real" push-up form. I have decided to do the push-ups this way to get some strength back before I throw all of my body weight at my poor arms.

Lastly Kyle training for ironman means that I have to get my act together and start training. Because lets be honest he can not look better in a swim suit on the beach than I do! Project Miami here we come!



  1. Great job completing two virtual 5Ks! Lately I've been going to bed way too late and I notice how much it impacts my runs. I have to work on it.

    I loved your post yesterday about the ironman. It's so exciting being that excited for someone else's race. Doing an ironman would be AMAZING! I can't even imagine!

    1. I can't imagine it either but I am super excited for him! Being in London has brought out all of my flaws when it comes to running and prerun. But I guess that is how we learn.