Saturday, February 2, 2013

Virtual 5k

Today I ran a 5k! Yep that's right a 5k is now Saturday long day happens. I ran said 5k in 42:24 slow and steady wins/finishes the race is the name of the game right now. My body is by no means in top notch performance quality shape. But hey not giving up even when you get slower is part of the game of running. My run felt good I stopped at 1.5 miles to stretch out some sore calves, and then kept on going. 3.1 miles happened to be right in front of the London Bridge tube station (or I planned it that way) so I hopped on the train and went home!

So you may be asking why the sudden jump in miles, or you may not, but i am going to tell you any ways. At the end of 2012 I committed myself to 2 challenges for 2013. One is the 5by5 virtual challenge by Laura over at The series is 6 virtual races that can either be 5k or 5miler by the 5th of every month until June. Each month there is a race bib that you can print and wear if you would like and there are prizes. In January I ran a 5 miler in almost the same amount of time I ran a 5 k this month, but that is neither here nor there. The second thing I committed myself to was 13 races in 2013 by Jill over at Basically the goal is simple you run 13 races of any kind in 2013. Now some people were braver than I and committed to a distance, I chose to leave mine opened ended and registered for the varied category.
 The cool thing about both commitments is that they can be all virtual races which means I save money and can run them any where. Each person has 6 virtual races planned for there event which means I only have to find one more race to run before the end of the year (preferably with a medal)

Other running thing. I will not be running the 10 miler in France, that might be the saddest thing I have said all day. Also I do not believe I will be running the Athens half marathon in April due to my work/school schedule will not allow for proper training and race day recovery. However with those things being said I will hopefully be running the Rock N Roll half marathon in St. Louis in October, the Hot Chocolate 15k in Columbus in November and entering the raffle to run the 2014 Nike Womens Half in November. I know it isn't much of a race schedule but for as much travel and 20 hr work days I do right now as a student it is kind of the best I have. I am also looking at running the color run with a friend who has decided she wants to start running and she came to me for help! Me! It is crazy to think less than a year ago I knew nothing about running and now i will be helping one of my best friends in Ohio get to her first 5k!

Ok this has been a long post and i thank you for staying with me. I am off to Brixton market today after I wash the running smell off of me! Have a great Saturday everyone!



  1. Sorry that you don't get to run the races in Europe that you were hoping for. And you are right, getting slower and faster is all part of running. I think it's great that you are keeping up on it!

  2. Sounds like you are coming right along. You are planned out way ahead! I am only into September right now. Just keep your goals in mind and keep moving forward!

  3. Thanks you guys! i am planned pretty far out though I have not registered for anything till I get a schedule for next semester. You can only afford to loose one race entry a year.