Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Running Post

You know those days when you really need to have a good run because it has been a whole since you have had one?

Well I had one of those days. The sun is out in London today so I figured I take advantage of it sine I'm sure it wont last long. I quick run down to the London Eye and back 3 miles cake walk. HA! I was wrong so very wrong. I hit mile one with cramps in both calves and feet...that's new and never happened before. I also hit mile 1 at 15:30 also never happened before that is way slow like 3 minutes slower than my slowest miles have ever been.
So I took a stretch break at the Parliament building a decent one like 5 minutes and headed on my way back to the house at a running pace. I made it about half a mile before I had cramps so bad I wasn't sure I could walk the last 1/2 mile home. I took another stretch break which allowed me to walk home. My 1.5 mile run took 25:10! What the heck!
I guess the saying is true: If you put shit in you will get shit out! Plan of attack lots of water and better food...aka fruit, veggies, water, and maybe a little time off my feet today. Yesterday I walked 11 miles for the Chilly Challenge. London makes it so easy to clock miles because you have to walk every where. Well for me that means a 30-45 min. walk between all places to I make sure I get my heart rate up and make it extra cardio for the day. 
On a positive note at least I laced up and hit the pavement for some miles! 
I hope you all have wonderful and productive days!



  1. That is a lot of walking! No wonder you had a hard time running, I think walking is harder than running sometimes. Your poor feet and calves! Just remember that walking is a good workout too :)

  2. Whoaaa 11 miles walking around is A LOT! Don't understimate yourself!
    i think it's fantastic you went and ran!

  3. Thank you you guys! It is a hard road to go from running 9 miles to having a hard time making it through 1.5 but your support has been really helpful!

  4. Bummer about those tough runs, but nice job getting out there! I'm still in recovery mode from the marathon and want to be running more but my body has been asking me to slow down, so I'm trying to listen...