Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Munich, Germany

Today is a lazy day. Kyle left this morning at 4:30 yes that time comes twice in a day and I will see both! I have had a cold for the last 1.5 weeks so there has been no running. It is hard to run in the snow when you can breathe out of your nose or swallow and water. But I am happy to report I am taking one last rest day just to be sure I am healthy and will hit the pavement first thing tomorrow morning! I must say I am pretty excited. With Kyle being here (though I was sick) we treated the last week like a vacation. And vacation means way to much food, way to much beer, and not enough sleep!

This past weekend we spent in Munich, Germany! It is a wonderful place, the people are super friendly and for the most part in the busy areas speak good English. So below you will find the pictures of around Munich and the Hofbräuhaus München. The whole reason we chose to go to Munich is because Kyle has wanted to go to the Hofbräuhaus München for the last 7 or 8 years ever since he went to the one in Las Vegas the first time. So this year for Christmas I bought the plane tickets and he paid for the hotel! We don't buy each other presents we go on trips instead, it has been this way since we started dating. Year one we went on a cruise, year two we went to Las Vegas and Miami, year three we went to London/Munich.

 I take back what I said about running tomorrow...the sun came out in London so I am going for a noon run, shower, and coffee shop. I have plays to read today!

Cheers everyone enjoy your day!

P.S. I did catch up on your blogs before I wrote this one! Everyone is doing amazing keep up the awesome work!

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