Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First half of week 1!

I have been missing for a few days but things have been crazy!

Sunday: Rain: Wondered around one of London's versions of a US flea market. I was late getting there and I was alone so I wasn't really comfortable having my camera out in all of the angry people. Then the grocery store...it is a strange little place kind of like walmart on a super tiny tiny scale. Like a 1/4 of the size. But I did learn Sunday afternoons is the time to shop around here. There is so much food in the market and the selection is great, however there are 1,000,000 people there so you have to be prepared for that. I also ran 2 very slow miles in the dark (it get dark faster then I thought it would here) Plus some planks and core work.

Monday: Clouds: First day of school! Ok so it was kind of exciting, but a little terrifying all at the same time. We had been given no information ahead of time about what we were suppose to be doing or where to go. The only reason I knew to show up at 10:30am was because the girl i am exchanging with told me to go. So introduction to a new term meeting, not so different from the US. Guided tour of building, awesome! I'll be taking pictures soon. Sat through what they call a Unit 7 lecture about the 2,500-3,000 word word and image document they have to write...not sure if we are doing this or not though the topics are fun. Lastly we met with the head of the exchange program who gave us our timetable for the next 2 weeks. I only have lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays mostly in the afternoons. This is crazy to me! In Ohio I go to school every day from 9:00-9:00 almost every day and then have non-studio homework on top of that! So this is a welcomed artistic vacation.
Following lessons we went to a place called Yo Sushi...they basically serve sushi on a belt that goes around the whole restaurant and you pick up whatever plate you want. There are 2-3 pieces on each plate and several different kinds on the belt, as well as edemame, seaweed salad, gyoza, and other things I didn't recognize. they then come around an count the number of plates you have in each color and give you your total. We followed this by playing bingo which is different in the UK then in the US. I will take a picture of my card next week and explain it better! Last thing I did today was book my ticket to the Guinness Storehouse in Ireland this weekend, and my ticket to Windsor Palace with a tour of the great kitchen for next weekend.

Tuesday: Sun: Second day of school. I went in early so I was sure to get my new ID card which you need to get any farther than the lobby. Once I received mine i wondered up to the library to get my computer and phone set up on the schools wifi system. I realized I had about 1.5 hours to kill so I sat in the library catching up on blogs and emails. Followed by what felt like a very long lecture about the Performativity and fluidity of text. (Yes I promise I spelled that correct). It was interesting though scattered so I am not sure i picked up on everything, but it stirred good conversation at dinner with one of my new class mates. Which leads me to the end of my day. I had rice with chicken and a little curry sauce for dinner in the train station. (Weird thing to think coming from the US) We sat and chatted and ate while we waited for her train. Me I take the tube so I can go whenever I want she however has to follow the train schedule.

Though my running numbers are down, my walking numbers are way way up so in the end the balance out and still count as miles for team giraffe. I also feel good which is a nice change of pace. Tomorrow I will run at least 3 but maybe 5 depending on how I feel since i have the day off. I also plan on finding a post office and buying international stamps to mail all the post cards I bought back home! I hope everyone is well and I love reading about all the progress you are making in your goals!

Sorry so wordy the next one will have more pictures I promise!


  1. I was reading an article about walking in runner's world this month and how you can replace some of your runs with walking (take the time you would have run for and double it, then walk for that amount of time). I'm sure it will balance out if you get a couple runs in a week! It's so cool that you get to have all these experiences, I will have to live through you!

    1. Been hearing this too. I may do this some times if my knee feels like crap.

    2. Well that is good to know, i seem to be getting an average of 8-9 miles in a day.

  2. I love Yo Sushi!! I'm so excited to see how you enjoy the U.K. and the little changes you see compared to home - I definitely saw a lot.
    ENJOY it girl!

    1. It is amazing the differences between the UK and home. I miss home a lot.