Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Windor Castle & St. George's Cathedral

I put the pictures first this time. So after this post you are all caught up in the big things I have done since I have been here. Windsor Castle is giant I mean giant! I houses 150 full time and then there is the castle part. Private where the queen visits once a monthish, and the public part you can tour and she, the queen receives guests. Down side to the castle is that you can not take photos inside any of the buildings! So things you are not seeing the staterooms, ballrooms, grand halls, kitchen, and the queens doll house. The castle is very interesting because parts of it that you think are hundreds maybe even thousands of years old are only from 1992. There was a large fire in the public part of the castle in 1992 that destroyed a great deal of stuff that had to be rebuilt! I will say the whole things is magnificent to see and you should it you ever make it to London in your life. The other part of the castle is St. George's Cathedral. The cathedral is on the castle grounds inside of the wall. It is where the queen and he family attend service when they are staying at Windsor all other times it serves the 150 people who live there year round and some of the employees of the castle. The cathedral has several small prayer rooms inside of it that where built in dedication to a.)someone with lots of money who paid for it or b.)someone who died a heroic death in battle.

Well Kyle just got here, he is taking a cat nap so I am writing this I have to try and wake him up in 10 minutes to head out into the snowy cold London to look around for a bit before making dinner and watching movies for the night. Wow sorry for the really long run on sentence.

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone!


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  1. More awesomeness! Thanks for sharing and your suggestions on what to do in the areas you have seen!