Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Awesome Motivation

I have been looking for motivation the last few weeks to get me going for the summer. I am not really in the process of training for anything but want to up my distance and my physical ability. Now though I did not watch lost while it was on tv I did watch all of the seasons twice on netflix! I love this show!!! I think it is incredibly well written and an amazing mind game(which is you ask me is what running is) Everything below this blurb is take straight from his sight. Registration for the 4K just reopened so get in while you can to get these awesome medals! 

Joe Rainone started a virtual race called Get Lost in Running. There will be 6 virtual races in this series, using the numbers Lost was so famous for as the distances. Each virtual race is $20, which the series proceeds will be donated to benefit the National Tourette Syndrome Association and TEAM TSA.

Virtual Trail / Beach Run Series Station
1 - Hydra 4k Station
2 - Arrow 8k Station
3 - Swan 15k Station
4 - Flame 16k Station
5 - Pearl 23k Station
6 - Orchid 42k

For each race station you sign up for, you will receive a Lost inspired medal.
You are encouraged to participate in running these virtual races either on a trail or the beach (if you can't get to either of these, the roads or a treadmill works just as well). Registration for each station will remain open until all spots sell out. Please check the site often to see updates as to when registration for the next station will open. For those who participate in every station of the series will receive a special series medal which will be shown at a later date. There is no specific date to do the runs, but a good guide is to complete within a month. As the distances get bigger, they can be split in any way you would like and then combined.​​

How cool is this!Virtual races are good for runners like myself who can't afford to travel to races as often as I would like. The goal for this is to collect all the medals!!! The fact that I dont have to run a full 26 miles at one time is also helpful for me. It will allow me to set a goal for the month and reach it while still doing all the things I mentioned above. I'm in love with this series so you will be hearing more about it.


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  1. This is awesome!! I am excited about this virtual running series... (and I love LOST).