Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bark in the Park St. Louis

This weekend I finished race #10 of my 13 in 13 challenge! I ran the Bark in the Park 5k with my dad, sister, and my sisters 2 puppies. This was my dads first 5k!
We had so much fun! We finished in: 
Which with the puppies being out of shape and not use to working that hard is pretty darn good! It was about 80 degrees yesterday morning and for your first 5k as a human or a puppy is really really warm! We had a great time and ran/walked a good race, the one thing I would say is that there were not enough human water stations. There were plenty of water stops for the animals along the way but there was only one for the humans. There also was no water for humans at the finish line. I normally carry my water bottle but I didn't have enough hands with having a puppy on one arm.
We also wore our new shirts!

The festivities before and after the race were great! We didn't get a chance to enjoy them much but there were a ton of vendors selling things for animals and humans. All in all it was a good race!

Let me know if you raced this weekend! I love hearing about everyone elses races!



  1. Aww, I want to do a bark in the park with my pup! She would probably go crazy but she can run pretty well for a little dog! That is so cite that your family did that.

    1. We had a blast and the dogs loved it!!!