Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh today...

All right we hit the pavement today! It is weird I ordered a fitbit zip a week or so ago and it came in the mail yesterday. Today was the first time I had worn it and walked/ran 22,146 steps wich equals 9.63 miles in one day! I promised myself that for the first week I would wear it zip and just go about my daily routine (which isn't very routine). I couldn't believe the number that came across the screen when I crawled into bed to write this post, and yes I know it is only 9:15, but the president is coming tomorrow and I have a dress rehearsal.

 On to today's run...it wasn't great 3.03 miles. Mile 1 11:50, mile 2 12:16, mile 3 12:36 needless to say I am less than thrilled. It's not the slowing down part that bothers me so much as the terrible need I feel to stop running sometimes. It is a huge mind over matter game and today I won the game. I ran all 3.03 miles! Thursday is scheduled for 4 miles and Saturday 6! I have never run that far in my life! I realized today that almost every Saturday from now until race day with be a PR in distance for me. Holy goo that's a large pill to swallow!

Ok Ok Ok that is all for tonight I will post some photos from my last show and the dance concert I am in tech for right now soon!

How was your run today?



  1. I'm glad you ran all 3 miles today. It most certainly is a mental game for the most part - which I think is hardest!
    Dance concert? sounds fun! :D

  2. I am a lighting designer so I spend a lot of my time in a dark theater lighting dancers as they move gracefully across the stage. As soon as I get caught up I will do a large post of some work.