Thursday, October 11, 2012


Here are the details of today's run. So yes I hit 4 miles but no it was not pretty. Ok here it is, I have been experimenting with prerun fueling aka food. On this said day I was forced to run in the evening after school/work because of darkness at 6:00am. Meaning at 3:00pm I had 2 slices of peanutbutter and banana toast, bad bad bad idea. Some where between mile 2 and 3 I was puking in the bushes hence the drop in time. Can I tell you it is embarrassing to throw up pb&bananas on a public trail in the bushes. Now for a second 4 mile run a 50:53 isn't bad though I could have done without the sickness.
I'm learning quickly that experimenting with fueling, though necessary, can get ugly!

In post run news,  I spent the rest of the night like this: homework, nectarine, and ice on the knee. Other things I am learning quickly though you may not be injured ice is your friend. If it is a little sore at the end of a run put some ice on it while your working on other things, and it should feel better in the morning. Though a little tender my knee is feeling much better no need for motrin or any other kind of pain killer (thank goodness)

Food: This week I have been finishing up some leftovers from the weekend with the boyfriend. While he was here we made italian beef from men's health, fajitas from the boyfriends brain, and butternut squash mac n cheese from How Sweet It Is blog. All of which are amazing! I have been trying to mix them up so I am getting plenty of balance so I have been mixing the italian beef with sweet potatoes instead of bread and a fruit for dinner. Also I have been eating the fajita chicken (the veggies didn't save well) with the squash mac n cheese which I have found is a nice balance of carbs, and protein with a hint of cheese.

Friday or maybe Saturday I will be chatting about all the crazy things I have learned this week in my runs other than the pb&banana things (no need to relive that again)

Hope everyone has a great afternoon!



  1. New Reader here!

    I read your October goals - absolute best of luck with everything, you can definitely do it!

    Now, I'm really really nervous to say this because I don't want it to come out weirdly, but I'm finding it extremely hard to read your font for this entry...(eeek sorry!!) Maybe it's just my computer though??
    The earlier entries were just fine!
    Again, sorry sorry!

    1. HURRAY NEW READER! Thank you for the encouragement and for the note about not being able to read it clearly! Not many people read the blog yet so I have no idea if things are easy to read on all types of computers, phones, ipads whatever is being used to read so thank you for letting me know and I am exploring a new font that hopefully will makes things a little easier on the eyes!

  2. You're welcome! I've "followed" you and will definitely be reading...I'm just starting out as well!

    Ah, I was SO nervous wondering if I shoulda said something or if it was going to come out rude!
    The changed font now is perfect and read-able!

  3. Thank you for the follow! Starting out for me was easy it's the keeping going now that it is getting cold. I am reading a book called the big book of marathons and half marathons it is really helpful in learning about pace, styles of running, types of workouts, and nutrition. Also feel free to share your stories here if you have any or any questions.

    I'm glad the new font helps!!!