Thursday, October 4, 2012

My 12 week plan

So this is it my new plan! Made by my dear friend and fellow runner Stephanie Yankwitt. We have been talking about this plan for months and it is finally ready in time for the 12 weeks before the race. HOLY GOO ONLY 12 WEEKS!!!!! I am getting nervous but this tried and true plan should work for me! It is nice to have friends that are seasoned runners when you first start out. 
OK, there are 4 things that matter for race training - like literally will make or break a run:

#1. 3 runs per week from now until the week.  we'll talk mileage in a sec.
#2. One long run a week, increasing distance by a mile from week to week.
#3. adequate fueling
#4. adequate rest

EVERYTHING you do from now until race day should be a balancing act of those 4 things.  You don't get a day off from race-training, even when you are on a rest day.

So, working backwards from RACE weekend, where your "long run" will be 13.1
Week 12 should be a dip - about 8
Week 11 should be your peak - you should hit 13
Week 10 - 12 miles
Week 9 - 12 miles
Week 8 - 11 miles
Week 7 - 10 miles
Week 6 - 10 miles
Week 5  - 9 miles
Week 4 - 8 miles
Week 3 - 7 miles
Week 2 -  6 miles
Week 1 - 5 miles

I've given you 2 places where you have double weeks.  You can use those anywhere.  So lets say you get to week 4 and you are sick with a cold, or you have a big exam, and you just can't run 8 miles. Do what you can, and make it up next week.  Adjust accordingly.  Unless you're sick, you need to run a long run every weekend until the race.  It's going to make race day SO MUCH EASIER.

Also very important that you keep weeks 10-13 as written. Week 10 you should hit 12 miles, week 11 you should peak - either a repeat of 12 or go all the way to 13, week 12 should be a dip - don't run more than 8.  6 would be ok here too.  And then race week.

Here is what I need from you guys, help keep me on track. I am dedicated but sometimes life gets in the way. So if there go a few days and you don't see posts about runs ask! This means for the next 6 weeks I am giving you permission to give me a hard time for not running. It also means that 3 days a week we will have running updates instead of having them on Saturdays recapping the whole week. I believe this will help me stay on task because you will be looking for the posts and I don't like to let people down! So there you have it 12 weeks till race day and I can't wait! 


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