Monday, October 8, 2012

Today's update

Today I started my 1/2 marathon 12 week training plan. It started with this:

This is my PR for this distance and time! Having my boyfriend as a running partner is really helpful. He is 6'5" and I am 5'2" which means that usually for every one stride he takes I take two. I have found that this means I run a hair faster than normal. And by a hair I mean a whole minute!!!!

On a food note today I had a banana before the run and a cheese stick after with some blue power aid. Breakfast included a turkey dog, with whole wheat bun, and butternut squash mac n cheese (breakfast was at 11:45am) Lunch included 1/2 C. chobani vanilla yogurt, 1 gala apple, 1/2 C. fiber one (lunch was at 3:30pm) Dinner included a sweet potato, with Italian beef on top (dinner was at 7:00pm) I have also had a little extra treat to deal with the other half leaving today which is a great bowl of popcorn.

I know what a boring post and I'm sorry running day posts will be like this till the race. Bare with me and we will get to this race together in style uninjured.


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