Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last week

This post is late normally it would come out on Saturday or Sunday, however this week has been kind of nuts! Nuts week means few workouts, I also have been letting the foot/knee recover. So here they are:

So last week we totaled 4 miles total not great but it is at least something. I am emailing back and forth with a lady I met a few years ago in Orlando. She has been a runner for years and loves health and fitness so she is helping me work out a training schedule for the next 13 weeks as well as a food plan for good fueling for the amount of running I will be reaching between now and then.

The second part of this post is what i have been eating for the past week and all of this week. Now I took all of the recipes  for this week from This week for lunch I ate the Sweet potato and mushroom ravioli oh my goodness they were amazing! For dinner I ate the chicken enchiladas, also good but I forgot to check the hot meter on the jalapenos and the sauce so they were a little spicy for me. And this week I have made some of the crockpot veggie chili! It is delicious though I was out of chili powder so it is a little different. 

I hope you all enjoy!



  1. Well, at least you got some miles in! That's a good thing! I followed a training plan for my Half too. I don't think I could've done it, without it! Those recipes you made sound SO good. I'm going to have to find them on Lindsay's blog!

  2. I have tried 4 recipes off of Lindsay's blog and loved them all, she is a saving grace on healthy delicious food! Also thanks for the post about followers a few weeks ago i have my blog set up to not allow them...which I had to change.