Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life's Choices

Today I kind of made a really hard choice for me. Most people say the choice is a no brainer and it shouldn't bother me but it does.

So about a month ago I put my name in the ring to go to London for the semester in the spring. I didn't know anything about it except I had always wanted to do it. It is on my bucket list of life to live in London for any period of time.

The second thing is running the Disney half marathon in January. It is the first physical activity I have been excited about in about 8 years. The first thing since I was dancing competitively. This is also the first physical activity i have ever allowed someone else I care about to partake in with me.

Back to today. Today I was asked if everything goes well would I be willing to skip my race to go to London. Of course I said yes, but it is killing my soul a little inside. I know that there is always next year and I can run other races in the mean time, but for some reason it meant a lot to me to run this race this year.
It means a lot to me to run the Disney World half marathon 

The Disney Land half marathon

And to gain this lovely little gem

I guess when the time comes I will be grateful for both opportunities and keep training even if it isn't till next year that I collect any of these priceless gems.



  1. Aw! :( I'm sorry you had to make such a hard choice since the race means so much to you!

    But, I will say, having lived in the UK for years, and been to London - you will absolutely LOVE it and will be glad to have went, I promise!

    1. I am really excited and have made my boyfriend promise to run the race any ways and take pictures!