Friday, September 28, 2012


So I am tired of being the fat kid! When it comes to being a disciplined person I am with everything in life except for food. And by food I mean SUGAR! I love all things sugar cake, cookies, pie, candy you name it I love it. That is a problem, a huge problem! I am training for a half marathon and some of why I think it is not going well is because of the extra amount of weight I am carrying around so that i can eat sugar. At this moment in time I am carrying 25 count them 25 extra pounds then from when I graduated high school 7 years ago! That adds up to roughly 3.5lbs a year gross! So the goal for this month is to loose 5-7lbs this month, eat healthier, cross train on nonrunning days, and to run on running days even if it is only a mile. October is a new month and I have to apply the self discipline I have in my every day life into my eating habits and all will be ok!


1) Loose 5-7lbs
2) Eat healthier more veggies!
3) Cross train on non running days
4) Run on all running days

I took this goal setting idea from Mamm's Got A Big Belly Hop on over and read her blog I really enjoy it!


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