Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Foodie Pen Pal Reviel Day

This is going to be a multi part post today. It is Foodie Pen Pal reveal day!!!! My box came from Christina and she hit the nail right on the head. There was so much stuff in the box that I had never tried before and great stuff to help with my running. Since receiving my package I have tried the Lindt Dark chocolate which is amazing and I can only eat one square at a time because it is so rich, the rice work salsa fresca chips which I will be buying again they are so much better than Sun Chips garden salsa in my opinion. The next thing I tried was the Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea! It came right at the perfect time to help get rid of my head cold. It was also super tasty! The last things I tasted that I had never had before was the power bar and the lara bar. I ate the lara bar before I went rock climbing last week and it did the trick I was able to climb for 3 hours with no peaks and valleys. I ate the power bar this morning half before my run and half after my run. It was great! I ran 3.34 miles this morning. I slowed down the pace a little bit to make a longer distance. I am satisfied with the time I accomplished today.

 This is the other things I have been making this past week! I love them I have been learning how to screen print in class this semester and I made this really great shirt. I registered my sister, dad, and myself in a 5K on May 18 called Bark in the Par which is to raise money for the Missouri Human Society! I am so excited I made us all matching shirts and still have the screen so I can make more! I'll post pictures of us wearing them after the race.
I hope everyone is well I miss all my blog friends! Fill me in on how things are going injuries, runs, workouts.


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