Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Things

This is going to be an interesting post I hope. This morning I tried my new theory of running less. I ran 1 mile in 11:19 that is super fast for me! My goal is to get my mile time under 11:00 by the end of the month even if it is only 10:59. As far as pain goes it wasn't to bad my legs are tired and I can't figure out how to wake them up. I also still have this pain in my right foot except it is there first thing in the morning when I step foot on the floor. (I may have to go see a sports doctor)

Something Else I will be starting today is a journal. I have tried it before and well I keep putting it down. However I do find while I am using it my eating habits get a lot better and I keep better track of my running speeds, times, and distances. So I went to staples this morning and bought this:
It is small enough it will fit in all of my bags and has a leather cover that will keep it from being destroyed on the first day. (My bag is a scary place) The goal is to keep the journal for 1 month solid, I have to go back and fill in April 1 and 2, it will include all food, fitness, liquid intake of all kind (yes beer and wine will be included) as well as maybe mood for the day. 

The other things I have started doing in the last couple of days is drinking water out of a cup instead of my giant water bottle. I have found that I like to drink water out of a straw and I tend to drink more of it when it is fun to drink (yep weird I know) This means that I bought a plastic tumble with a lid and swirly straw because if you are going to do it you mine as well do it fun. I bring my water bottle full of 32 oz of water to the office where this cup sits and waits. I pour the water out of my bottle into the cup that way I can still measure my water intake accurately.
 I think that is all the new things I am working on right now. I shall keep trucking on my thesis till I can take the summer off and work in North Carolina. Tell what's going on with you any new tricks? Any new goals or PR? 



  1. I like that journal and that water cup! I think you will definitely reach your sub-11 min mile goal! My only goal is to graduate right now...

    1. Graduation is a great goal! Keep on moving it is so close!