Thursday, April 4, 2013


Do you ever feel like the world is moving on without you or ahead of you especially those you care about most?

It seems like everyone I know is doing one of a couple things or all of the things. Those things are, engagement, weddings, babies, or buying a house. I mean lets be honest I am from the midwest which means the fact that I will turn 27 this year (yikes I don't think I'll say that again for a while) and am not married with at least one kid is kind of blasphemy. It also means that some people think I will become the crazy artistic cat lady who never stops going to school. Now while all the things my family and friends are doing are great and wonderful for them I made a decision a long time ago to kind of be a floating spirit. Yep sounds crazy, but this decision has allowed me to live in Michigan, Florida twice, West Virginia, New York, Ohio, and London. It has also allowed me to see really cool places like Ireland, Germany, France, Mexico, the Keys, and I am sure more places than I can think of right now. However this decision also means I miss a lot of things with my family. I miss births, deaths, birthdays, anniversary, showers, house warming parties, and anything related to a giant achievement in someone else life.

I am not really sure what I am trying to say with this post other than I miss my family and am tired of being the spinster of the bunch. Thank you for sitting through my ranting about something that makes very little sense even to me.  We will return to regularly scheduled running posts tomorrow.

I hope everyone is well this morning and has a great run if it is in your schedule for the day!


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