Thursday, August 21, 2014

Welp here goes nothing

All right so this blog is back in action! This afternoon I did a crazy thing and set a goal for my end of year race. I may not meet all of my 14 in 14 races this year but I will run my first half marathon! That is right you heard me correctly I have officially registered for my first half! So what that means is that this blog has just become my outlet of all things good, bad, and other wise about training for this half.
About my new adventure... I will be running the NYCRUNS Running Festival of Lights on November 23 in Sore Road Park Pier in Brooklyn, NY.
Th rest of this post for the most part is going to be clips from the website about the race.
The route claims to be fairly flat the only downside I see to it is that it is a double loop which means you are looking at the same scenery for the whole time...something I usually try not to do so that I don't get bored with what's around me and start focusing on the fact that my left leg hurts or my right side aches a little or my left foot fell asleep a mile back...but I will start early incorporating this into the training plan. 
Alright well there you have it the details of my first half marathon. Training will start for real at the top of next week. This week I will find a training plan I like and I will try to increase my short run to 2miles. 


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