Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 4

Wekk 4 went great the weather was perfect and it just felt good. It left me feeling happy and confident that I could do this. I finished stations 6 and 7 of We Get LOST in Running during week 4. I am very close to finishing the We Get Lost in Running Series which means I am going to need some more virtual runs/races to enter. Virtual races for me are like setting goals. Though there is no one else there to run with me it is my way of setting a distance goal and a training period to meet said goal. i have also found that in my line of work doing big races in person is almost impossible because I very rarely know where I am going to be for an extended period of time.

I started week 5 today and will be starting it again on Wednesday. It didn't go well so I am going to try Week 5 Day 1 all over again. I had to walk the last running section because I was feeling over heated and like a hunk of metal instead of a person. But this will not get me down I am determined to finish Couch to 5k before I leave California for the summer!

Well time to shower and head to the beach! I hope everyone has a lovely Monday.


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