Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Only Time Will Tell

I have been away for a while I know the third year of graduate school was killer! But it is over and I can happily say that I now have 2 MFA degrees one in lighting design and one in scenic design! However I can also say that I am not the 9 mile runner I was before year three started, which is a little sad but sometimes you have to postpone one goal to reach another. Now that graduate school is over I am on to my next grand adventure and right now that means living in California.

Let me tell you if you have not ran in a long time California is the place to start over! The weather is always amazing you don't have to deal with those 100 degree days or the fact that it has rained 12 days in a row. I have been here since the middle of May and can tell you it has not rained one time since I have been here and that it has been 65-70 degree and sunny every day! (I am getting spoiled) I have decided to start over from my beginning which was the couch to 5k app back in 2011. I chose this path to start over because it worked so well for me the first time. Couch to 5k for me was an easy increase in time and distance that led me to being a 9 mile runner.

My goal for the summer is to finish the couch to 5k program as well as to get a  full running 5k back under my belt. Right now I just finished Week 3 Day 3 of an 8 week program so I am well on my way. My next goal following the running a full 5k is to get said 5k under 40:00 this is something I want to do more than I can explain.

I will say life is tough right now I live in a three hour time difference from all of my family and my other half which means talking to people is almost impossible on a regular basis. I also have found that the only time I really find me is when I am running all the rest the time I am worrying about how my relationships are holding up in this weird time warp I feel like I live in.

I don't think I will be an every day blogger again for a while but I will try and post at least once a week about my runs and the cool things I get to do in California!


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