Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sorry Sorry Sorry!

Sorry Sorry Sorry! I have been a terrible blogger the last few weeks! Things have been nuts! I have been trying to keep up with all of you guys and I keep forgetting to write about me. Although I am not sure forgetting is the right word I think I am avoiding writing about me. For some reason I have found myself in a slump and hitting a wall (not that I haven't mentioned it) My boyfriend says it is just post race blues...nothing to train for and no goal set to achieve...maybe he is right so I am looking for a race only a 5K maybe a 10K to run in December either in Ohio or in St. Louis (depending on where I am at the time) We are going to try his theory that I am a goal oriented human who needs something to look forward too. I mean come on I count down to everything!

In other news I got up yesterday and hit the gym! 1 mile run on the treadmill, the napkin arm workout (boyfriend specialty), men's health core workout, and some good stretching. I felt great after no pain just sweat. Though my arms got sore as the day went on. Today I got up and ran 2 miles outside! It was 55 degrees when I finally decided I should run even if I don't have time to make my goal (bc I over slept) So 2 miles instead of 3 in 23:34.

In bigger news! I bought my ticket to the UK and then promptly bought a ticket to Dublin, Ireland for a weekend stay (no place to sleep yet any suggestions are welcome!) 2 days ago Kyle bought his ticket to come visit for a week while I am there and last night I bought 2 tickets to Munich, Germany! Kyle has always wanted to go and see/drink/eat at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich so for Christmas my mom and I are splitting the cost to get him and I there...and he is paying for the hotel (my Christmas present)  So this year in a span of 2.5 months I will see more of the world then I have in my whole life and I will get to cross at least 3 things off my bucket list!
#1 Drink Guinness in Ireland check
#7 Live in London
#14 Go to Hofbräuhaus in Munich

Lastly I promise that within the next few weeks (after finals) I will post pictures of what my semester has been like and all the work that I have been doing.

Oh! Lastly for real! I will not be setting monthly goals I will be setting weekly goals to see if that helps with the slump. This weeks goals...#1 Do all workouts that were scheduled in my planner,
#2 loose 3lbs, #3 Sleep more (failing so far) #4 Do all the elf4health challenges this week.


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  1. Post-race blues is definitely real! I thought I was the only one until I started reading lots of people feeling the same thing.

    aaaaahhh!! U.K. booked, amazing :D
    Also, ALWAYS , a bit thank you for your comments and support all the time!