Saturday, December 29, 2012

From the bad comes good.

Yesterdays anger was not a total fail. I turned my anger toward the gym, which means I ran 1 mile, did a full arm workout (with weights), a full leg workout (with weights) and a partial core workout (I ran out of time) So I will say my unhealthy anger at Disney let to some healthy soreness this morning.

In other news I found a really great race I would like to run in 2013 in France! However I will not make the same mistake twice...aka I wont register till I know exactly what my schedule is in London. But I will share it with you because its cool and exciting. So with that let me begin. I found the Rock N Roll race series not to long ago from reading Megan's blog I Run For Wine, (yes I know I am late to the party on this one.) It is a 10miler, which I am a little afraid I might not be able to make, but I am going to push me to my limits and stay uninjured. The race is February 17, 2013 while I will be in I thought what is a small train ride over to France for a 10 mile run.
 General Information
  • Event Name: Rock ‘n’ Roll™ Nice 10 Miles of Carnaval
  • Date:  Sunday, 17 February 2013
  • Time:  9:15am
  • Start Location: Promenade des Anglais
  • Finish Location: Place Messena
Registration Fees
  • € 17 – August 15 – October 31
  • € 20 – 1 November – 31 December
  • € 23 – 1 January – 10 February, 2013
  • € 28 – Expo – 16 February, 2013           
Did I also mention registration isn't nearly as expensive as it is in the states! Ok so this race will put me in good standings to also run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in October in St. Louis which means 3 medals! Yes I know there are only 2 shown here I can't seem to find the France one online...maybe they are keeping it a secret because it is the inaugural race. But the Rock N Roll series does what they call the heavy metal tour. The version of this tour I would be doing is one race in Europe and one race in the United States, which equals 3 medals.


Did I mention I like shinny things! Plus no medals to 3 medals in a  year sounds good to me! I also at some point would like to run this race in New Orleans just because I think it would be a neat place to run. Everyone says it is beautiful. 
I will get to goals for next year soon. Enjoy your weekend. 


  1. Great gym session!
    Also, ahhhhh what a dream it'd be to run in France..seeeeriously!

  2. Cool! It would he super sweet to race in France! Hope you get to do it.

  3. I know right! I am registering as soon as I get my class schedule for London! Cleared 4 miles today I think I could do 10 by February 17!