Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hodge Podge

 Vegetables for breakfast who does that? This kid apparently. Ok lets start this out the way my day started. I woke up this morning "inspired" headed off to the gym where I completed a 1 mile run at an 11:53 pace...as you can see in the picture.
 I then wondered off to do the napkin workout. I call it this because it's documentation is on a brown paper napkin that gets reemailed to  me every so often when I loose it. my boyfriend got the arm workout from a friend of his a few years ago and I have been doing it for the last few weeks on Mondays. This workout causes my arms to be a little sore for like 3 days and I only use 5lbs weight!! According to the man who wrote it (who i have never met) it is not about weight it is about form...I hope so because my arms get tired after 1 set at 5lbs.
Next in the line up was another 1 mile run...I split them up today it workedout better for me. Except this one I did on the treadmill a little slower. I am not kidding when I say this arm work out wears out the whole body. This mile was a little rougher. 
Off to a core workout which comes from mens health magazine. Not sure if that is where I should be getting my workouts, but it seems to be working nicely. Following said 15mins of core work I headed to do another mile on the treadmill...that didn't happen. I was so worn out it took all of my energy to make it a 1/4 mile.
So in total today I ran 2.25 miles, 30mins of arm work, and 15mins of core...not a bad day at the gym if I do say so myself.

So back to the vegetables for breakfast thing. I came home and was so hungry I could eat enough to feed an army. But instead I made this little creation. This my friends is a sweet potato pancake (without oil or butter), egg scramble with pork chop tomatoes and cheese, with 2 clementines.
It was surprisingly delicious! I will be eating it again this week (trying to clean out the fridge before leaving town)

Also I am looking into races for the 2013 year, if anyone has any good ones that they love I am all ears. I would prefer to stay in the midwest for most of them just because of cost of travel. But I am open to all suggestions! My lengths are 5K-half-marathon. The 2 i have chosen so far are the Athens OH half-marathon in April, and the hot chocolate 15K in Columbus OH in November other than that I am wide open!

Have a great week and keep working hard!


  1. Sounds like a pretty good workout! I am obsessed with trying to get people to run grandma's marathon...do you consider duluth, mn the midwest? haha, it's pretty far north! june 22nd :) It will be my first marathon, but there's a half and some shorter races too.

    1. I'll look into it and see how far it is from here, and all the details! Thank you! How is your training goin for the marathon?

  2. I tooootally have veg for breakfast too!!

    I should probably look into the core workout from the magazine!

    1. I love it! I'll see if I can find it once finals are over