Friday, March 18, 2016

It's now or never

For those of you that know me know that I have a fear of being fat...but that I also really like food and sweet things. Recently since I left on tour in January I have been neglecting the fear and following the food. Don't get me wrong I have eaten some amazing food on this adventure around the country but I have not done it responsibly nor have I done all the necessary working out to make sure I am my best self. Looking in the mirror the last few weeks all I see is someone I don't recognize someone who would never be able to run the NYC marathon in November if they keep up at this pace.

Today I weighed myself and came in at 170 pounds. This is the heaviest I believe I have ever been and I am not happy about it. So the plan is as follows for the rest of the tour...

1) No eating after 7:30pm unless there is a load out in which case a small amount of healthy
    food...greens, fruits, and a little dose of protein to keep the blood sugar balanced.

2) No alcohol for the next month.

3) 30 mins of activity at least 4 times a week but aiming for everyday. It doesn't matter if it is
    walking, running, yoga, kickboxing, whatever it is it will be 4 times a week.

4) Eating more greens, fruits, and proteins. While eating less grains, sugar, and fried things covered in     butter.

I am 30 pounds heavier then I want to be and will find a way to get back to where I want/need to be for best performance and to feel like my best self. You guys are my accountability group! I will try and write as much as I can during the next month to let everyone know how it is going. I am not gong to deprive myself of great local food I am just going to do it responsibly.

If this amount of information is to personal for you, you may not want to read as I continue through this journey for a new and better me. I've got a marathon medal to earn!  


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