Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Today I ate over half of a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Today I got turned down for a grant to fund a project I wanted so badly to work on, which led to the eating of the cake. Today I felt sorry for myself, which led to the eating of more cake. Today I ate nothing but cake yellow with dark chocolate frosting. Today I felt ashamed of eating that much cake in one day and for not following my plan for becoming a better runner. Today I thought about all the things I have declared to do in my fitness goals and have fallen through because I didn't put the effort forward.
But today I did something amazing. Today I joined a team to run the Ragnar Relay from Miami Beach to Key West Florida. Today I joined 11 of people who I owe my best to. Today I threw away the rest of the cake I had eaten so much of. Today I vowed to give up processed sugar till thanksgiving where I will have pie and then continue to not eat processed sugar. Today I became the 8th slot runner meaning I will run leg 8 which is 7.9 miles, then leg 20 which is 6.2 miles, then finish with leg 32 which is 1.8 miles for a total of 15.9 miles in 2 days sleeping in a van and having a great time and crossing the finish line as a team. Today I agreed to a training program that starts next week. Today I became awesome!

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